Lure Coursing Guide

In Lure Coursing, you use a lure that is similar to a fishing reel. The lure has a toy on the end, and you pull the toy toward you when you turn the reel clockwise. Turning it counterclockwise will push the toy back toward your puppy. There is also a horn in the middle of the lure that you can use to get your puppy to let go of the toy if he or she has caught it, or to get your puppy to jump over hurdles.

Practicing for Lure Coursing

To practice for Lure Coursing, take your puppy for a walk downtown, and visit the Gym by leading your puppy to the Gym sign on the side of the path.

Using the Lure

To use the lure, just turn the reel clockwise to pull the toy away from your puppy, and your puppy will run after it. However, if you let the toy get too close to your puppy, he or she will make a jump for it. If your puppy doesn't catch it, he or she will lie on the ground for a moment after jumping, which would slow you down in competitions. If your puppy does catch it, he or she will sit there chewing it. To get your puppy to let go, you have to use the horn by pressing the button in the middle of the lure. When your puppy lets go, you have a short amount of time in which to start pulling the lure away.

Also, if you pull the lure too far away from your puppy, he or she will lose interest and stop running. If this happens, turn the reel counterclockwise to make the toy go back toward your puppy. Your puppy will start running after it again.

Path Crossings

In more advanced levels of the competition, you will encounter path crossings. These are areas where the lure lines cross each other. You have to be careful about your lure speed when pulling it through the crossing area to ensure that your puppy doesn't become slowed down from colliding with another puppy.


In more advanced competitions, you will encounter hurdles. The hurdles won't appear in the practice gym until you have reached the competition level where the hurdles appear. In order to make your puppy jump, you need to stop reeling the toy when it's in the white area just beyond the hurdle, then start beeping the horn. Your puppy will jump over. The more you train your puppy, the sooner it will jump over the hurdle. After the puppy has jumped over, be sure to reel the lure away to keep it out of your puppy's reach.