Trading Sequence

You can get a special item via a trading sequence. This page explains each step of the sequence.

Find Water

The first item in the trading sequence is water. This is the Runny Blue Potion, so if you find one of these, don't use it. Keep it until you find the Thirsty Person in the west half of the island. You don't need to identify the potion for the thirsty person to recognize it as water, so no need to use it. In return, the thirsty person gives you a red paperclip.

Go to the Office

There is an office building in the west half of the island. Find it and talk to the person to give them the red paperclip. You will get a Fish-Shaped Pen.

Creepy Jack

Find Creepy Jack in the west half of the island and talk to him to give him the pen. He gives you a Forged Deed.

Go to the Bank

Go to the Guild LLC and talk to the skeleton with the cracked skull in the first room to give him the deed. You get an empty briefcase in return.

Traveling Merchant

Find the Traveling Merchant in the east half of the island to give him the briefcase. He will be at a location marked with a shopping cart on the map. You get a sweaty shirt.

Naked Bear

The naked bear is somewhere in the east half of the island. Talk to him to give him the shirt and get a bear claw in return.


The zoologist is also in the east half of the island. Give the zoologist the bear claw and you will get the binoculars in return. This is the final item in the trading sequence. You can use them to look at the next screen in the direction you are facing. They are also used for one of the endings.