Archangel Hatasiah Boss Fight Strategy

An explanation of the strategy for the Archangel Hatasiah boss fight.


Hatasiah will throw out spinning symbols, which make a large explosion when destroyed, so it's best to use ranged weapons to get rid of them. Hatasiah can disappear into the hat and make bats appear while the hat flies around. Hatasiah will make cards appear in a circle, with one being a bomb and another being a heart. They will spin at random then shoot outward. Then Hatasiah will bounce around and dash toward you a few times.

Hatasiah will turn invisible and make glitch tiles appear. Use the Missinglasses to find Hatasiah and hit it with a weapon to reveal her, then hit her again when she's in rabbit form.

In the second phase of battle, Hatasiah will fly around at random, creating glitched tiles. Hit Hatasiah and it will scream, knocking you against a wall, while creating a bunch of glitched enemies. Then after a moment, Hatasiah will shoot a spinning laser that creates many glitched tiles. Use the Missinglasses to move past these if you get stuck. After the second scream. You should only have to hit Hatasiah one more time to defeat her.