Potions and Tunics

As you explore, you find potions and tunics that have different effects. This page lists them all.

About Potions and Tunics

Potions and tunics each have unique colors and descriptions. The effect of each one is random for each seed. You won't know the effect until you use the potion or the tunic. Once you know the status effect of a potion, you'll also be able to identify the tunic with the same status effect, and vice versa.

Potions can be dropped on yourself, to give yourself its status effect, or thrown, to inflict that effect on enemies or co-op players.


Snails will leave behind a trail of slime, and the slime will have a potion effect (usually poison). The color of the slime can help you determine which potion is which, because it will match its corresponding potion color. You can get rid of snail slime by hitting it with a weapon, including projectile weapons.

Bleeding at Low Health

If you take damage until you have zero hearts, you will start bleeding, leaving puddles of blood on the ground. If enemies touch the blood, it will restore their health. You will eventually regenerate half a heart if you survive long enough.

Status Effects Shop

Once you are able to reach the eastern half of the island, you can find the Status Effects Shop to more easily obtain potions and tunics, including converting one of your tunics to one of your potion effects.

Status Effects

  • Strength - Increases the damage that you do to enemies.
  • Defense - Decreases the damage that enemies do to you.
  • Slow - Reduces your movement rate. Helpful for the moth boss in mini-dungeons.
  • Speed - Increases your movement rate.
  • Healing - Very slowly regenerates your health.
  • Poison - Poisons you. (If wearing the Poison Tunic, you will continually take damage until you remove it.)
  • Weak Poison - Does less damage, or for a shorter duration, than regular poison.
  • Camouflage - Prevents enemies from seeing you, so they won't attack.
  • Fire - Sets you on fire. You will also set nearby enemies and objects on fire. If you combine this with Fire Resistance, you can be immune to the fire while damaging things around you. It can allow you to do some sequence breaking if you don't have the lighter yet.
  • Fire Resistance - Makes you immune to damage from fire.
  • Growth - Makes you larger. This can be useful for reaching hard-to-reach enemies and objects.
  • Frugal - Makes you more likely to find money.
  • Beer - Inverts your controls (press up to go down, press left to go right, etc.) and adds a blurry effect.
  • Hallucination - Makes many random enemies fall from the sky. Helpful (but dangerous) if you need more hearts, arrows, bombs, etc. You can use it anywhere to play the Hallucinatory Battle Arena. If you take it off, it pauses the current wave of enemies, and when you put it back on, it resumes the wave, and starts a new one. You can switch tunics multiple times to do many waves at once, allowing you to collect a lot of prizes (if you can survive).
  • Blast Protection - Makes you immune to explosion damage. Helpful for exploding enemies, and Bombshells.
  • Explosion - Makes you explode over and over. You will take damage unless you are also using Blast Protection (see above), which can be useful for doing more damage. However, your pets will take damage from your explosions, so you will have to dismiss them.
  • Undead - Swaps the effects of poison and healing, so you will take damage if you gather hearts or use a healing potion. However, you can use this to your advantage by combining Undead and Poison. Doing so will heal you up much more quickly than the Healing Tunic or Healing Potion. Just be sure not to take the Undead Tunic off until after the poison wears off.
  • Hover - Makes you float. You can avoid some attacks this way, and go across holes in the ground (the chain can also be used for going across holes if you don't have Hover Potions or the Hover Tunic).
  • Water - Used in the trading sequence. Might also put out fires?
  • Blood - Restores one heart of health. This affects players as well as enemies. As noted above, if you take damage until you are at zero hearts, you will leave puddles of blood on the ground, which will restore enemy health if they touch it.
  • Urine - No effect.
  • Lenna's Tunic - No effect.

Descriptions and Colors

Potions and tunics can come in different colors, with different descriptions. For potions and tunics, fizzy = silk, runny = linen, viscous = wool. Possible colors are Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, White, Yellow.