Beginning the Game

How to begin a game of Lenna's Inception.

Choose Art Style

You will be prompted to choose your preferred art style, which changes both the graphics and the music. This is just an aesthetic choice and doesn't affect gameplay.

New Game

Choose New Game from the menu, then choose a game mode. To play the main story, choose Story Mode.

Enter your Name

You may choose the name of your character here. Default: Lenna

Enter the World Seed

You can enter the name of the world that you will play in. This is the seed that will randomize the world in the game. The game will randomly select one, but you can delete it and name the world whatever you wish.

Worlds with the same name will always be the same as each other, so if you create multiple save files with the same world name, they will all have the same map.

Once you are ready, press start to begin the game, where you will soon explore your first dungeon.