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La Chef Beach

When you arrive at La Chef Beach, you will soon find a naked man who is only covering his unmentionables with a frying pan. Talk to him and he will say that he is training, and his laundry is hanging out to dry. But then a monkey will steal his clothes. The chef will tell you how important that outfit is to him and asks you to get it back for him.

Get the Chef's Clothes

Go to the northeast, into the cave entrance. Go toward the northeast and you'll see the monkey. It will run away. The treasure chest that you see can't be accessed from this room, so go through the door to the next room.

When there's a fork in the path, go left. Then, when you can, go south into an area with a treasure chest. Inside are some coins.

Now go north through the door. This takes you to a different part of the previous room. Walk through the wall on the left to reach a treasure chest. Inside is a fruit knife. You can't equip it yet.

Now go back the way you came, to the room you were in earlier, and go to the east and south.

In the next room, you can go through the southern wall, toward the east. There is a treasure chest here with a key inside. Most of the locked doors in Contact all open with the same key, so any key that you get will unlock any door. However, there are some doors that can only be opened if you have a certain costume.

Go back to the main path and you'll see the monkey again before it runs away. Go up and to the left to reach a new room. (There is a hidden path to the right, but all that is there are a couple of red worms.)

You will find the monkey under attack. A red beast is attacking it. You need to save the monkey! Heal up and attack the monster until it dies. Once it dies, the monkey will become fond of Terry and will follow him around. Go back to the naked chef.

The chef will decide to give you his outfit. The monkey will vanish.

Start Cookin'

Now that you have the Mr. Cuisine costume, you can cook! To cook, you need a place to cook. The kitchen in the professor's ship is one place where you can cook. You can also use the cook fire next to the naked chef. See the list of meals in Contact DS to find out how to combine ingredients and make meals.

Be sure to equip the fruit knife! It's a chef-only weapon that increases your cooking skill when you fight with it. And be sure to use the Gut skill! When used on an enemy, it increases the probability that you will get a food ingredient when that enemy dies.

When you first get the Mr. Cuisine costume, you will automatically start at level 5 of cooking. You can only cook a few things at this point:

  • Put Chicken in the frying pan to make BBQ Chicken
  • Put Tropical Fruit and Water in the frying pan to make Fruit Juice
  • Put Mystery Meat into the frying pan to make Mystery BBQ

When you make foods that require two ingredients, you usually get more experience points in cooking. If you want to quickly get to level 10 of Cooking to unlock more meals, go around the Deserted Isle knocking Tropical Fruit out of trees. Use Gut on crabs to get water. It won't take long to reach level 10 of Cooking.

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