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Caldoaxa Ruins

When the ship lands at Caldoaxa, the professor will mention that it's a popular tourist trap.

Trouble in Caldoaxa

When you first approach the entrance to the Caldoaxa settlement, an angry tourist will demand to be allowed to go home without paying, because of the danger of the monster that has appeared in the area. The Caldoaxan guy says no, but the tourist runs away without paying. The Caldoaxan tells you to keep quiet if you see the monster. The professor suspects that his power cell created the monster, and says that he might be able to invent something helpful.

Go south and into the door that the old woman is standing to the right of. The guy behind the counter sells some weapons and food. There is a guy hiding in the back of the room who will turn any Rusty Knife into a random bladed weapon if you give him 100 coins, so be sure to talk to him if you have any rusty knives with you.

Go into the door north of there, then go to the west side of the indoor area and try to open the door. The professor will tell you to go to talk to Copper. You can find Copper if you go straight up from the outside exit. He'll tell you to stay away from the Demon Gate.

Meet Lester Sprawl

Go back to the locked door to find a guy standing in the way. He'll introduce himself as the archaeologist Lester Sprawl. He'll ask if you want to go with him to the Demon Zone, so say yes. Go to the locked door and Lester will ask you not to tell anyone that he picked the lock. He'll go back into the residential area and wait for you to open the Demon Gate inside.

Go into the area that Lester unlocked, and then head to the left. When you go as far to the left as possible, there is a thing in the middle of the floor that you can check on. You'll see a wheel there, so turn it.

The professor will show the gate on the monitor. The gate will slowly close, so after you turn the wheel, you should run back to the right, then go through the door in the back wall (the one that you can reach by going straight up from the exit.)

Past the Demon Gate

Now you can explore the rest of the ruins. First, head to the right side of the room. There is a treasure chest near the back wall that contains a Mage's Rod, which is a weapon. Then go down the stairs to the south of that. Follow the path until you reach a dark hallway, at the end of which is a guy digging at the wall. Talk to him and then wait around. He will take off his clothes and then sit there. Take his clothes.

The Knuckle Mole costume lets you dig in certain places, and boosts your stats and gives you Earth Magic.

Now you can go back upstairs. To the left, there is a door to the outside in the back wall around the middle of this area. In this outside area is a bed and a bath that you can use for saving and healing up.

The harder parts of the ruins are north of the bed and bath. In this new area, go to the left. You'll pass by a treasure chest that you can open if you have a key, but you might want to save that key until later.

Follow the straightforward path. There is a treasure chest along the way, but you can only open it after you get the Shadow Thief costume. In the next room you will see a treasure chest on the right. Open it to get a key. There are golems in this area that are pretty tough.

There is a secret passage in a small hallway going south. If you go through it, you find a room with a bed and bath inside. There is another hidden passage south from the bath that leads to a rather complex network of hidden passages and locked doors. Some of these doors can only be opened with the Shadow Thief costume, so you will have to come back later. At this point you can reach a treasure chest with a large coin inside. Just try going through all of the walls until you find your way through.

Go south down the main hallway in this room of complicated passages, and you will reach a door. It's unlocked, so open it. Then you can go left through the wall. This gives you a shortcut to the first room of this area, which has the wheel of the Demon Gate in it.

If you don't have any potions, you should probably make some! Cook Water and Herbs to make your own potions. You can use Gut on crabs at La Chef Beach or the Deserted Isle to get free water, and you can buy herbs in the shop in Caldoaxa. If you aren't at level 10 of cooking yet (which you need to be in order to make potions,) then get tropical fruit from Deserted Isle and cook it with water to make fruit juice until you have reached level 10 of cooking. It shouldn't take long.

Anyway, go back to the bed and bath room, and go north from it, then continue west. There is a stairway with a red demon-like monster on it, but you should go past it first and look for a secret passage in a dark area that goes down to a shadowy staircase. There is a golem and a treasure chest here. The treasure chest has a large coin inside.

Go back, then north up the stairs with the red demon monster, and keep going north. The professor tells you that he can sense the cell nearby. There is a secret passage in the south wall, below a small staircase leading down. The passage leads to a treasure chest with a cheeseburger inside.

Soon you will reach some stairs leading up. Lester Sprawl will appear, saying that you shouldn't blindly trust people anymore. Lester wants the cell, but Terry takes out his weapon, and somehow Lester teleports behind him. Lester tells Terry to go away and not tell anyone about what just happened.

Fight Lester

Lester will continue on into the cave and reach the final door. Follow him and talk to him. Then you will have to fight him! You will most likely need several potions to survive this fight.

After you defeat him, Lester will be impressed by your power. The professor will show up on the top screen. Notice that the text in the professor's blue screen is different! It says Hakase instead of professor (Hakase is Japanese for professor) and it says NyanNyan instead of Mochi (Nyan is the Japanese version of "meow.")

Anyway, the professor says that Lester isn't human, but the professor thinks that he knows Lester's real identity. Lester notices the watch that Terry uses to communicate with the professor, and knows that the professor must be from another world. Lester has a similar watch, himself.

Lester communicates with somebody and then teleports away, leaving behind the Cloud Sword. It's a good weapon that is 50% more powerful when used against humans. Now you can go up and unlock the door. Check on it and the professor will explain how to open it. After that, just walk up to it to open it. There are a bunch of red demons in this room.

Fight the Rock Monster

In the next room, there is a big monster! It is using one of the professor's power cells.

You need to start by destroying both hands. The monster can punch you, so you need to run away to the other side of the room when that is about to happen. Make sure that you're not in battle mode when you try to run away, or you won't make it. If the monster raises both hands, it is about to throw a boulder down, so be ready to run out of the boulder's way. The monster can also create an earthquake, which can't be avoided but doesn't do much damage.

After you destroy both hands, the monster will add a new attack where it will send down some dark energy from the sky to drain energy from you (you can't avoid it) and it will throw three boulders at a time instead of just one. Just attack its head unless you need to run away from the boulders.

Hang Out in Caldoaxa

Once you use the Cell Decal and have the cell, go back to the professor's ship. You can go through the secret shortcut that leads to the room with the bed and bath, then head to the exit. When you get back to the residential area of Caldoaxa, the professor will tell you to just hang out for a while as he searches for the location of the next cell.

You can check out some of the things in Caldoaxa that you might have missed. If you go to the eastern side of the room, there is a bookshelf in the area with all of the people. You can check on the bookshelf to read a document. Reading it increases your Wisdom stat. It explains about the CosmoNOTs, an organization formed about 20 years ago. The current leader is Mint Cloudy, who hadn't yet been born during the R32 Galactic War. Lester Sprawl founded the CosmoNOTs when he was 20. The first members were Bull Beatnix who was 15 at the time, and Nadia Krall who was 14 at the time. The document that Terry is reading was written by someone named Frank Beale.

The next thing to do is talk to Copper. He'll get all mad at Terry for breaking the rules and going into the Demon Zone, but then a little kid will come rushing up and explain that Lester made Terry open the Demon Gate. Copper will be convinced of Terry's innocence. The boy will tell you to go over to the spice shop.

Save Spice Shop Owner Ike

The spice shop is through the door north of where all of the people are, on the right side of the residential area. Talk to the woman in the shop and she'll say that her husband is missing. The professor will say that he has picked up an SOS signal nearby, and you'll see the spice shop owner locked in a room with some bugs that are about to attack him. You have a limited time to run through the door inside of the spice shop and head toward the back to rescue the guy. If you run out of time, no big deal. Just go back and talk to the woman in the spice shop to start it over again. Be sure to avoid enemies and leave treasure chests alone until you have rescued the guy.

Don't bother going into the room that the guy had been locked in. There is nothing for you to get, and those bugs can instantly kill you.

Instead, go back the way you came and open up the treasure chests that you missed. You will find some spices and herbs.

Back in the spice shop, the family will be reunited. Now you can buy spices, herbs, and coffee beans from the woman at the counter. You can also use a key to unlock the treasure chest in here, which gives you a rare book: Blue Eyes vol 1. You will lose karma, but this is the only place to get that item.

Rescue the Missing Boy

Now you can leave the residential area. There is a blonde woman standing near the well. Talk to this woman to find out that her son is missing. The professor will display the boy's location on the screen.

The boy is easy to find. Just go into the Demon Zone and go to the left to go up through that secret passageway that you opened. It leads to the room with the bed and bath. The boy is in that room. Talk to him, and he will follow you. Lead him out of the cave. Go outside with him to reunite him with his mom. She'll give Terry the Caldoaxa Map.

As you go toward the ship you might notice a girl standing at the top area of the screen. This is Amanda. If you have at least level 30 courage and give her at least one of each type of flower in the game (of which you probably haven't found any yet) she will offer to join you.

Now you can go back to the ship. You can use your spices to cook Kebabs. Just mix spices with any kind of meat.

Go talk to the professor. He'll say that the next cell is in Ft. Eagle. He is alarmed that someone is trying to get the cells. It seems like the cells are being converted into some other substance.

The professor has made the Ship Decal. This will instantly transport you back to the ship. Very helpful! Just make sure to go to the professor as soon as you use it, to get a new one. It will save you a lot of frustration if you do.

You can now go to Ft. Eagle, so set the SeaNavi to go there, and get some rest in the bed.

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