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Deserted Isle

Find the Professor's Ship

The professor asks you (the player) to keep an eye on Terry. The professor's ship is wrecked, and the power cells were scattered. He merged his ship with a pirate galleon.

Tap Terry a few times to wake him up. At this point you can walk around. The professor will occasionally say random things in the top screen. Usually what he says isn't particularly helpful, but sometimes he might provide a few clues on what to do next.

Look for tropical fruits in the palm trees. You have to tap them to knock them down. Then have Terry walk over and pick it up. They will come in handy later.

Go to the right, then head north.

You can fight the enemies if you want. Just press B to go into attack mode. Terry will automatically start punching the enemy until it is defeated or until he dies. Another way to go into attack mode is to tap Terry with the stylus, then tap the swords icon. You can press B, or tap Terry and tap the green smiling face to go back to normal mode.

If you don't feel like fighting the enemies or you get too low on HP, just avoid them. The enemies here don't move around much, so they are easy to avoid.

Go into the cave to the north, through the wall to the right of the entrance to find a secret passage. It leads to a treasure chest that contains a twig. It can be used as a weapon.

After heading north through the cave, you will find the pirate ship that the professor is using. Go into the door in the back of the ship, then head to the professor's quarters through the door on the left.

The professor will say that the room next door is Terry's. He asks for Terry's help in finding the missing elemental cells that power his ship. He gives Terry the MENU: Multi-Element Nano Unit. Pressing the X button will bring up the MENU.

About the Menu

In the menu (which, as mentioned above, you can bring up by pressing the X button,) there are five tabs on the top. The one on the left is the weapons tab. It shows you all the weapons that you have found so far. You can equip one by tapping it and choosing Yes. To unequip it, just tap it and choose Yes if it's equipped. The top screen will show you how each weapon will change your stats.

The second tab from the left is the food tab. This will show you all of the food that you have found so far. Terry has a few cheeseburgers with him, a cola, and two oranges, as well as anything that you picked up on your way to the ship.

Selecting a food will show you how it will affect Terry. Some foods increase or decrease certain stats, which can be helpful or harmful in battle.

BE AWARE that each food has a DIGESTION TIME. See the stomach on the main food screen, to the right of Terry? It shows you how full Terry's stomach is. If Terry's stomach is too full, he won't be able to eat! This is a problem if he needs an HP boost during battle. Therefore, make sure to be aware of the digestion time of the foods that Terry eats. During battle, try to only feed Terry with things that will pass quickly through his stomach.

The middle tab in the menu shows the treasures that Terry has picked up.

The fourth tab from the left in the menu is the ?-decal tab. During your adventure you will occasionally find ?-decals. There are four spaces around Terry for ?-decals. Using a ?-decal will give Terry a permanent boost to certain attributes, unless you remove that decal or replace it with a different decal.

The tab on the right side of the menu is the skill menu. It shows you what skills Terry knows so far. At this early stage, Terry probably only knows Body Shot, unless you have had him fight a bunch of enemies already.

If you press the X button while in the Menu, it will show you an expanded stats screen. You can use the directional pad to put the cursor on a particular stat icon. Press A to see a description of that stat.

Continuing from the Professor's Ship

Now that you have the Menu, you can check out the ship if you want to. To the right of the door to the professor's room is Terry's room. In here, you can heal up using the bathtub, you can save the game by sleeping in the bed, you can go into the closet (to the left of the bed,) although there is nothing that you can do in there right now, and you can look at the globe to the right of the bed, although there is also nothing that you can do with it right now.

When you use the bed to save the game, you can interact with the professor's room. You can pet Mochi, tap items in the room to have Mochi interact with them, tap the professor to hear him say something, or tap the alarm clock to go back to the game. The alarm clock will eventually ring on its own, waking Terry up. Be careful when interacting with Mochi, because if you poke Mochi or don't pet him properly, he will be annoyed.

Training Mochi

Later in the game, Mochi can come to your aid in battle. Mochi's actions depend on how much you have trained him while Terry sleeps. If you make Mochi happy, he will gradually level up.

Back to the Game

The door on the right side of the inside of the pirate ship leads to the kitchen. You aren't yet equipped to use the kitchen, but you will find it to be a very useful place later in the game.

When you exit the ship, the professor will contact you. He will explain that you can enter Battle Mode by pressing B. He mentions not to attack unusual things, because it can be bad for your reputation. This is true. If you attack innocent animals, or attack people, you will lose karma (which is one of Terry's stats.)

Leave the cave and the professor will contact you again. He explains Techs, which you can see by pressing the Y button. But you have to be in battle mode in order to use the Y button! While you view the Tech menu, time will stop.

The tech points are shown as green squares to the right of Terry's HP meter. You need tech points in order to use techs. You earn tech points by defeating enemies. You get a new tech point after you have defeated about three enemies.

Head south from the professor's ship. The purple enemy on the way is tougher than the crabs and green worm things, so use a Tropical Fruit to heal up if you need to.

The treasure chest that you see on the way is not accessible from where you first see it, so just go into the cave.

Trick Decals

The professor will add the Trick Decals option. You can access it by pressing R or tapping the green thing in the corner. These are different from ?-Decals, which I explained above. The Trick Decals perform specific tasks when you peel them off and stick them onto the touch screen. You start with one trick decal: the question mark decal. This decal will turn enemies into farm animals. It turns humans and peaceful animals into skeletons. It doesn't affect bosses. Later you will get other types of decals.


Back to the Cave

Anyway, in the cave, go up, then left, then down. This will take you to the treasure chest outside that you saw earlier. Inside is a Rusty Knife. Equip it for better attack power.

About Weapons

By the way: there are three main weapon types: fist weapons, hammer weapons, and blade weapons. Using a weapon of a particular type will make Terry increase his skill with that type of weapon. So if he uses a knife, for example, he gets better at using blade weapons. If he uses a twig, he gets better at using hammer weapons. If he is unarmed or uses a glove-type weapon, he gets better at using fist weapons.

Back to the Game

There's nothing else out here except a purple enemy that you can fight if you want. Otherwise, go back into the cave and head southeast to find a treasure chest with Herbs inside. Herbs heal a little bit of HP. You might want to save it until later, because it's an ingredient that you can use to make something better.

Then head to the northeast part of the cave, where there is a path to a door out of the cave.

Go north and across the bridge. There are some sheep here. You can kill them if you want to, but it will reduce your karma.

There is a cave entrance to the west. Go in. There are some pigs here. You can kill them, but you will lose karma. There is an exit to the southeast, but there is nothing of interest outside there right now (except a crab that you can fight,) so you don't need to bother with it.

Get the ?-Decal from the chest in the northeast part of the cave. You should press X and go to the ?-Decal tab and put the decal on Terry since you don't have any other decals anyway. To use the decal, tap it on the ?-Decal screen, then tap the top-right corner of the decal and drag the stylus toward the bottom-left to pull off the backing. Then tap one of the four slots around Terry to put the decal there. If there is another decal in the slot that you want to use, you will be asked if you want to throw the current decal away and put the new decal in its place. Selecting a Decal will tell you what it does.

In the north wall of the pig cave, there is a cave door. Go through. When you go north a little, start trying to go through the wall on the left side. There is a secret passage that leads to a treasure chest. Inside are some coins.

Go back through the secret passage and continue north. There is a red worm that is kind of a tough enemy if Terry hasn't been doing much fighting, so be sure to use tropical fruit and other foods to help him out.

Go north past where you fought the red worm (or ran away from it.) Soon you find one of the professor's missing power cells. The professor will contact you, telling you to use the Cell Decal to safely capture the cell. Just press R or tap the green thing in the top right corner of the screen, then peel off the decal that has the picture of the power cell on it, then stick the cell decal onto the touch screen by tapping the power cell and dragging your stylus.

The professor will come on screen and tell you of a couple of secret passages in this cave. I told you how to get to one of them, and the professor shows you another. The professor says that he has developed a new Trick Decal, and asks you to return to the lab.

REMEMBER, when you use a trick decal, you have to go back to the professor to replace it!

Back to the Lab

To reach the thing that the professor showed you that was hidden past a secret passage, try walking through the south wall of the area where you found the power cell. Beyond the passage, you will find the Aqua Shot costume.

You can change into it right now. This is a good idea, because if you don't do it, then you won't be able to change until you go back to the closet in your room in the ship.

Costumes are like special armor that give you new abilities. Each costume boosts certain attributes, while also giving you access to special skills. The Aqua Shot costume is a type of fireman outfit. You can use water-based spells while wearing it.

Head back toward the lab. In the pig room, you will see a monkey, which will run away from you. Go through the exit in the southeast part of this room to follow the monkey. You will find a bottle in the water. Take it and Terry will read the letter, which is from a cook named Jean Pierre Nekid. He is practicing cooking on La Chef Beach.

Continue going back toward the lab. Be sure to get tropical fruits from the trees along the way.

In the ship, go to the professor's lab. He gives you the Mochi Decal. Use this decal to have Mochi attack the enemies on the screen. You can level up Mochi when Terry is sleeping in the bed, as I mentioned earlier. The higher Mochi's level, the more he can do to fight the enemies on the screen.

The professor admits that he used Terry's phone for spare parts. Terry reads an email from his Mom. He asks Terry to come home and have dinner with her and his Dad.

The professor detects a Cell in the northwest, in a place called Caldoaxa, where there are ruins.

The globe in Terry's room controls the SeaNavi. When he uses it and picks a location, he has to sleep in the bed before the ship will reach the next destination.

Go take a bath, and you can change clothes in the closet if you want. Then choose La Chef Beach with the globe (we'll go to Caldoaxa later.) Then sleep in the bed (you don't have to save if you don't want to.)

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