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After the ship arrives at Aegis, you'll learn that a monster has eaten the power cell.

There are coconuts in the palm trees in this area, so be sure to tap them out of the trees. They can be used by themselves as food, and they can also be used as ingredients in some recipes. You can get them really easily by going from screen to screen, and they sell for 30 each, so do that for some decent cash. You can also cook coconuts to turn them into coconut milk, which sells for 37.

Make your way to Town

When you first go outside, you will be in the desert. Go one screen east and get the ?-Decal from the chest in the bottom-right corner. There is also a pyramid in this same screen, with a person blocking the door.

Go back to the first desert screen (this area goes in a loop if you go in the east-west direction, so you can exit the screen to either the right or the left to return to the previous screen.)

Head north, and go to the northeast part of the screen, where there is a treasure chest in an area with a mummy. There is only one entrance to reach the chest, and that is in the south wall of the building. Go up and open the chest to get the ~Thai Curry~ recipe.

Head east to the next screen. You can buy food ingredients from the man with the shop in the top part of the screen.

Trouble in Town

Then, head north, and you will be in town. Terry will automatically run around and check out the town for a while, then you will see Nadia threatening a local guy with a weapon in her hand. The local guy will be ready to retaliate, but Nadia will cry out for help. Terry will rush up and "defend" her, fooled by her act. Then Bull Beatnix arrives. He drags the local guy away. Nadia claims that Bull is her younger brother and that they're on a "family trip." She thanks Terry for his help, then walks off.

The merchant north of you has some expensive weapons. The stall to the left has part 3 of the CosmoNOTs special. It explains that the CosmoNOTs became even more underground. Lester Sprawl's father was a rich businessman, making it easy for Lester to organize "pacifist terrorism." When Lester was 35, the 12-year-old Mint joined them. CosmoNOT stands for Cosmic Nihilist Organization for Terror.

If you go up to the little girl near a bunch of barrels, you get an automatic scene. The mother gets upset that she's speaking to a stranger, but she calms down. She warns Terry that the people of Aegis are being held hostage. She asks Terry not to cause trouble and bring down more punishment from the ones holding the people hostage.

There's a man in the corner, hiding near the entrance to town but on the other side of the wall on the right. He needs boxing gloves. You can only get boxing gloves from WiFisland, and if you give them to this guy, you never get them back, so it's best not to actually give him the gloves.

There is a shopkeeper near the top right of town. When you first talk to him, he will claim that there's nothing for sale. But if you talk to him again, he'll agree to secretly sell you some stuff. He has car parts, which you will need to progress. You should also buy the bamboo rod.

Get the Nitro Boost costume

Once you have the car parts, use the west exit of town. A kid in this area will say that he overheard the bad guys saying that they could sense the cosmic power of the cells in the pyramids, so they set up shop there.

For a heal-up, you can take a bath in the oasis with the girl.

Talk to the girl with the broken-down car. Give her the car parts. She'll take off her racing suit and get into her car wearing only underwear, and then she'll drive away. Check on the clothes to get the Nitro Boost costume.

Go back to town and go into the door near the guy who sold you the car parts. You'll end up in a desert area with some snakes going around. First, head left, then continue toward the northwest. You will find a big pyramid in the back, but first you should go to the upper-left corner of the screen to find a treasure chest. It contains herbs.

Eastern Pyramid

Now you can go into the pyramid. Head through a secret passage in the left wall, just above the first column. You find a treasure chest that contains a large coin. Then go through a secret passage just above the top-most column on the right. You can check on the wall here, and if you're wearing the Knuckle Mole costume, you can dig here to find a Stone Head. If you're not wearing the Knuckle Mole costume, you should warp back to the ship and change into it, then come back and dig here.

Go to the room to the north, then go up around the pool and check on the gate that has a lion-shaped symbol on it. The professor says that you need Felio's Emblem to open that door, but the emblem is not in this pyramid. Go back outside and return to town.

In town, there is a guy standing in the northwest corner of town. He looks like an explorer. Talk to him. He wants to search for a hidden room in the Western Pyramid, but Aegis has become too dangerous for him to go alone. Say "yes" when he asks if you know someone who could help him. He's Dr. Sanchez, an archaeologist, and he promises you a reward if he finds what he's looking for. Go with him through the door.

Western Pyramid

If you ever get separated from Dr. Sanchez, just go outside and talk to him, and he'll start following you again.

From the first room, head to the back of the room and go through the exit. Dr. Sanchez can sense something going on in this room. Go up to either the left or the right, and try walking through the wall into the center of the room. Once you're in the center, check on the painting on the back wall, and dig there. You'll find a Stone Torso.

Now head to the back of the room, and walk up to the wall that is across from the bird painting in the back. You can feel air coming through the wall, so tell Dr. Sanchez. He'll open the secret door, so push him aside and go through, and he'll follow.

Go up the stairs, and go down through the hallway at the end of the stairs. In the next room, Dr. Sanchez will say that this is the room that he was looking for. He'll look around for a while, then he'll give you your reward: a Royal Dagger.

Little does Dr. Sanchez realize that there is a hidden passage in the wall to the right. Step on through and go to the next room. To unlock the door, you need to step on each floor symbol with the correct type of weapon equipped. For the hammer symbol, use something like a twig. For the blade weapon, use something like a Rusty Knife, or the Cloud Sword. And for the fist weapon, you can just unequip whatever weapon you are using. You will get a boost in your weapon skills when you step on each symbol.

The door will unlock after you have cleared all three symbols. The next room is a hassle. The symbols correspond to magic, so you will need to return to the ship to change clothes, then make the long trek back to the western pyramid, and repeat until all symbols are gone. DON'T FORGET TO VISIT THE PROFESSOR AS SOON AS YOU RETURN TO THE SHIP. Otherwise, you won't have the ship decal, and it will take even longer.

Step on the bottom-right symbol with the Knuckle Mole costume. Step on the bottom-left symbol with the Aqua Shot costume. Step on the upper-right symbol with the Flyboy costume. Step on the upper-right symbol with the Nitro Boost costume.

Now you can go through the door. You don't have to fight the blue skeleton, but if you decide to, you should kill all of the golden bats first. Otherwise they will make it very difficult to kill the blue skeleton. The Mochi decal is very helpful here if you have trained him. You might even get an Ice Sword from the blue skeleton.

In the treasure chest in this room, you will find Felio's Emblem. Now that you have it, you should use the ship decal to go back to the ship, and change back into the Knuckle Mole costume, and heal up.

Back in the Eastern Pyramid

Now that you have Felio's Emblem, you can return to the Eastern Pyramid, which you can reach by going through the door near the shopkeeper who sells the bamboo rod. Then check on the door in the back of the pyramid, and the door will open.

In the next room, head past the purple guy and go through the north exit. You'll get to a room with a hidden passage to the right. The chest in this hidden passage contains a Stun Rod. Return to where you entered the room, and go up the stairs to the right. Keep going right and up, and you reach a sarcophagus where you can dig. When you dig there, you get a Giant Worm.

Go back the way you came, then go slightly left, and then up the stairs to the north. Head west up the stairs, then go south through the wall. Follow the hidden passage, and there will be a dark door above you. Go through that door, going up and trying to head through the wall to the left. Eventually you will get through, and there is another sarcophagus where you can dig. You will get Stone Hand (R).

Go back out through the dark door, then head west. The second dark door has a chest that contains Jambalaya. Now go back the way you came, through the hidden passage. Exit through the north door.

Head up the stairs, and after it winds back to the right, go through the wall on the right, then head north, and you will reach a chest with a ?-Decal in it. Return to the stairs and head up, and follow the stairs to the exit into the next room.

Head straight down to find a potion. Go down the stairs on the right, and use the exit on the right side of the south wall. Go straight down in the coffin room and you will find a bath and bed. Then, walk below the coffin near the bath and bed, and walk south. You will exit the room and be on a bridge over another room. Exit south, and watch for a red bird flying by. Tap the bird with your stylus, and press A when the map is near Terry, and he will grab it.

TO GET THE THIEF DAGGER, kill Sarcophagi until you get one of them to drop a thief dagger. It will be very useful once you get the thief outfit.

Now that you have the Giant Worm and the Thief Map, you can get the fisherman outfit and the thief outfit. However, you might want to keep going through the pyramid so you don't have to backtrack. You don't have much longer to go before you're done with the pyramid. It's up to you. You can look at the how to get the Fisher King costume and how to get the Shadow Thief costume pages if you're interested.

Go back to the save room with all the coffins. Exit north, then go west, under the pool of water, and through the exit on the left side of the south wall. The path in the next room is straightforward and takes you to the northeast exit. In the next room, the path is also pretty straightforward. Once you go west past the pools, ignore the hidden passage and just go up the stairs on the left side of the room. Then, walk up into the ship painting in the back wall to get to the next room.

Dig at the ship painting on the back wall to get the Stone Hand (L). Open the chest on the left side of the room to get a Cutlass. Then go back to the previous room. Go east, up a short flight of stairs, and follow the ledge around the room. As soon as you step into the next room, you will have to fight, so be prepared.

Bull Beatnix

Nadia and Bull Beatnix are there. Bull pilots the CosmoNOT spaceship, and is the one who shot down the professor's ship. Nadia tries to convince Bull not to fight you, but he decides to anyway.

Use the Cloud Sword. You can use the Mochi decal here, or save it for the next battle, which is coming up soon. This is a straightforward battle. Bull can knock you back, so be sure to stay positioned so you can reach him with your weapon.

Bull will teleport away, leaving behind the Beat Knuckle. Head west up the stairs and into the next room. Use the bath and bed, then exit north. Follow the stairs up, then go east past the purple guys, and down the stairs to reach the chest that contains the ~Rice Pilaf~ recipe. Then go back to where the purple guys are, and exit north.

There are no hidden passages in the next room, so just follow the winding path around until you pass some Sarcophagi and some purple guys, and exit north.

In the next room, some red guards will appear when you get to the middle of the upper part of the room, so stay close to the left wall to avoid being surrounded when they appear. Then kill them to unlock the door to the next room.

In the next room, with all of the Sarcophagi, head down the stairs on the left to get some coins, then head down the stairs on the right to get Blue Eyes v 3. Once you have those items, take the north exit.

In this next room, after you go part of the way up the stairs, there is a hidden passage in the west wall. It takes you to a new room with a hallway. In the south wall of the hallway, there is a hidden passage that takes you to a red monster. This monster sometimes drops the ~Steak~ recipe. Back in the hallway, head west to an area with some spiders and a chest that contains a Spiked Club. Now you can go back to the previous room.

Go back through the hidden passage and continue up some stairs and down through the south exit. In the top screen you will see Lester, Nadia, Mint, and Bull watching a floating pyramid. Mint is working on extracting the power cell from it. Go to the left, and head up the stairs to use the northwest exit. Something unexpected happens with the pyramid.

Head up and open the chest to get some Swanky Soup. Then go back to the previous room and use the stairs on the right side to go through the northeast exit. Use the bath and bed. You are about to fight. Exit north when you are ready.

Sarcophagi and Pyramid

In the first phase of battle, you have to kill the sarcophagi.

After they are dead, you will be sent to the pyramid. Avoid the green ball that moves around the area. There are four humanoid figures. One is the correct one. If you hit the correct one, you damage the pyramid. The humanoid figures are invulnerable when the background image behind the pyramid is changing.

Depending on whether or not you hit the correct figure, you might get trapped in a crystal for a while, you might get hit with an explosion, and so on.

When you defeat the pyramid, it will leave the power cell behind. Use the cell decal to take it. The professor says that the Pyramid has another dimension inside, and he thinks that the CosmoNOTs were pulled into it. You can return to the save room and use the Ship Decal to return to the ship.

The professor received an SOS from the CosmoNOTs. He recorded his conversation with them. They were trapped in the pyramid, but could see the power cells from where they were. The professor agreed to help them escape in exchange for telling him where to find the power cells. He tells them how to escape, but Mint only hints at where the power cells are, saying that they're on an island. Then the CosmoNOTs warp away.

That is the end of the recording. The professor tells Terry that they have been had. He knows that the CosmoNOTs were broadcasting from the southeast. He determines that they must have been talking about the island of Habara.

The professor adds the balloon decal. You blow into the DS microphone, and the bigger the balloon inflates, the more damage it does.

You can get the Fisher King costume and get the Shadow Thief costume now, or if you have already done so, you can go to Habara now.

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