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Pokéstar Studios

After you defeat Roxie, a talent scout comes up to you and says that you have what it takes to be a movie star. He asks you to go to Pokéstar Studios to star in your film debut.

Go to Pokéstar Studios

Go to the gate in the north part of town to reach Pokéstar Studios. You will meet Mr. Stu Deeoh. (Studio, Stu Deeoh... get it?) He wants to show you around the studios, but he has to prepare, so he asks the blonde guy to give you a tour.

The blonde guy says that they make movies here at Pokéstar Studios. First, he shows you the theater, where you can watch movies.

Watch Pop Roxie's Movie

Inside, you find Roxie's father, who has had his movie debut. He takes you to the reception counter to buy a ticket to see his movie.

The movie is weird. It's a battle between two masked men in an amusement park. You can see the audience's reaction in the touch screen. It doesn't seem like they like the movie....

Afterward, Pop Roxie realizes that his movie was a flop, so he decides to go back to being a ship captain for now, although he wants to try starring in a movie again someday.

Film Your First Movie

After watching Pop Roxie's movie, the blonde guy takes you to the filming studio where you meet Mr. Deeoh again. He wants you to star in the movies, and he even has Brycen to be your co-star.

Talk to the people in the lobby for more information about shooting a film.

Films are special pokémon battles where you have to perform certain actions according to a script. There is no time limit! Unfortunately, the pokémon that you see during the battles do not get added to your Pokédex. See below for the steps to create a film.

How to Make a Movie in Pokéstar Studios

Step 1: Choose a Film to Star In

To film a movie, talk to the blonde guy near the door at the top of the filming studio. He will show you a list of films you can star in. Choose the film that you want.

Step 2: Choose a Pokémon

For every film, you will be fighting a pokémon battle, so after you choose a film, you have to choose the pokémon that you will use in the battle.

You can choose either a rental pokémon, or if you have performed in this film before, you can choose one of your own pokémon. The rental pokémon will be the best type for a particular film and will have the moves that are required for the script, so if you use one of your own pokémon, make sure that it meets the requirements of the script.

Step 3: Check the Scenario

After you choose a film and the pokémon that you will use, you enter the green screen studio and start filming.

When the battle starts, tap the Scenario button in the bottom left. It will show you the overall objective for your character in the film.

Step 4: Check the Script

After you tap the Scenario button, you can tap Script in the bottom-left. The script tells you what to do for each turn of the battle. Be sure to follow the instructions! Otherwise, your movie won't be very successful after its release.

If your pokémon gets knocked out, the filming will end even if you haven't performed everything in the script, so be careful!

Step 5: Check your Co-Stars

Tap Co-stars (next to the Script button) to see information about the trainer you are facing, and which pokémon the trainer is using.

Step 6: Follow the Script and Say Your Lines

Now you just need to perform the pokémon battle according to the script. Sometimes you will be prompted to say a line. The lines that you can use are shown in speech bubbles in the touch screen. Choose the line that you think fits best with your role in the movie.

Pay attention to the director's reaction to the line that you chose, because this gives you a clue about whether you chose the best line.

Step 7: Release the Film

After you are done, the blonde guy will ask if you want to release the movie. If you think that you did a good job in the film, say yes. The movie will immediately be shown in the theater.

Step 8: Watch your Movie and Get Gifts from your Fans

Go to the theater and talk to the lady at the reception counter to watch your new movie. Afterward, you can see if your movie is successful by checking the display to the right of the door that you come out of after you watch the movie.

Also, if you did well, you might find some fans in the lobby of the movie theater who give you free stuff. Mr. Deeoh will talk to you on your way out of the theater, telling you if he thinks that you did well.

Go Toward the Dock

Now that you're done with your big-screen debut, go to the docks, in the southeast of Virbank City.

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