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Plasma Frigate, part 2

After you go through Giant Chasm, you find the Plasma Frigate again.

Go into the South Room

Once you go on board the Plasma Frigate, Hugh will be facing off against some Grunts. Go south and into the room.

Once you enter the room, you're ambushed by two Grunts who challenge you to a double battle. The first has a level 46 Trubbish, level 46 Garbodor, and level 46 Golbat. The second has a level 46 Scraggy, a level 46 Whirlipede, and a level 46 Scrafty.

After you defeat them, go south and step on the green teleporter.

You end up in a room where the ex-Plasma spy tells you about the pipe puzzle in this area.

The Grunts in this area might be randomized. If you're playing Black 2, some of the Grunts might give you a password hint upon defeat.

Go southwest and defeat the Grunt. Then go south from that Grunt and step on the red switch to move the pipes. Go to the right and then north to get a Zinc. Go south until you are on a ledge.

On this ledge, there are some Grunts and a Doctor. The doctor will heal you up if you defeat him. There is also a Max Revive and Max Elixir nearby.

Now you need to use the red switches on the pipes to change them, then use the stairs from the bottom ledge to go to the lower level and fight Grunts. If you're playing White 2, you need to use the green transporters in this area to reach the switches that deactivate the barrier. If you get stuck, go to the upper level and step on the red switches on the pipes to allow you to reach all of the grunts (and transporters, if you're playing White 2). There are also items in this area. In Black 2, it seems that you may have to fight all of the Grunts in the downstairs area before receiving the Plasma Card.

In Black 2, once you have the Plasma Card, you can go up and enter the password in the computer next to the barriers up north. If you are not playing the Japanese version, the password will be one of the following:

  • 1101, 2202, 3303, 4404, 5505, 6606, 7707, 8808, or 9909
  • Reshiram
  • Zekrom
  • Kyurem

Frigate Enclosure (Both Versions)

After you lower the barrier, go north. Zinzolin will brag about the containment device. Zinzolin fights you with two level 49 Cryogonals and a level 51 Weavile.

After you defeat Zinzolin, go to the right and step on the green transporter. You discover a control room. Colress is there, and he reveals his allegiance with Team Plasma. If you're ready, battle him, talk to him and the battle will begin immediately. But if you're not ready, you can go back to the Doctor in the previous area if you want, or simply leave the ship and come back later after you have prepared. There are a bunch of battles ahead.


Colress has a level 50 Magneton, a level 50 Magnezone, a level 50 Metang, a level 50 Beheeyem, and a level 52 Klinklang. You should consider bringing Parlyz Heals and/or Cheri Berries to the battle. Here is a suggested team:

  • Against Magneton (very weak to Ground, weak to Fight, Fire): Excadrill
  • Against Magnezone (very weak to Ground, weak to Fight, Fire) : Excadrill or Magneton/Magnezone
  • Against Metang (weak to Ground, Fire): Excadrill, Pawniard, or Magneton/Magnezone
  • Against Beheeyem (weak to Bug, Ghost, Dark): Pawniard or Ferrothorn
  • Against Klinklang (weak to Fight, Ground, Fire): Excadrill, Magneton/Magnezone, or Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure

After the battle, Colress will still believe in using science to push pokémon to the limit, but will see the value of your approach that emphasizes one's relationship with one's pokémon. He'll tell you to use the other transporter near Kyurem.

Use the transporter south of Colress, then if you want to heal up, go south to the doctor. Then go back to where Kyurem is being held and go to the left. Talk to the Grunt to get him to move out of the way of the transporter. If you're ready for more battles, step on it.

You end up in an office with none other than Ghetsis. After he talks about his plans to rule Unova, a Shadow Triad member appears and says that Kyurem has been transferred. Ghetsis leaves, ordering the Shadow Triad to deal with you. Hugh shows up and asks the Shadow about his Liepard, which might be his sister's Purrloin.

Then the battle with the Shadow Triad begins!

Shadow Triad

You will be fighting all three members of the Shadow Triad one-by-one. Each of them has two level 49 Pawniards, plus a third pokémon at level 51. Against the Pawniards, I recommend using Cobalion or Lucario. The Pawniards are very weak to Fight moves, and are weak to Ground and Fire moves.

The Shadow sends out two level 49 Pawniards and a level 51 Absol, which is weak to Fighting and Bug moves. Against the Absol, I recommend Bisharp/Pawniard, Scrafty/Scraggy, or (if you have one) Genesect.

After the first battle, the other two Shadows appear. Talk to each one to battle him. As mentioned earlier, both of them have two level 49 Pawniards. The one below also has a level 51 Accelgor (weak to Flying, Rock, and Fire; I recommend Drifloon/Drifblim, Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure, or Skarmory), and the one on the right also has a level 51 Banette (weak to Dark and Ghost; I recommend Pawniard/Bisharp or Scrafty/Scraggy).

Afterward, the Shadow Triad disappears. Use the stairs to the south to reach another area of Giant Chasm.

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