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Aspertia City

Two years after Pokémon Black and White, your character begins a pokémon adventure starting from the hometown of Aspertia City.

Starting a New Game

When you start a new game of Pokémon Black 2 or White 2, Professor Juniper will introduce you to the world of pokémon. Tell her if you are a girl or a boy, then name your character. The official name of the boy character is Nate, and the official name of the girl character is Rosa.

After that, name your rival. Default: Hugh

Then you will see Aspertia City from above. Your Mom will get a call from Professor Juniper, who wants to give you a pokédex. The Pokémon Professor mentions Bianca, who is wearing a big, green hat.

Talk to Mom

After your Mom goes into the house and calls to you, you can control the game.

You can press X to open the menu. From there, you can save the game, change your options, and look at your player card. You can flip over the card by pressing left or right on the control pad, or tapping the long button on the bottom of the screen. Then you can write in the white space at the bottom of the card. You can even make an animation by putting the first image in the left half and the second image in the right half.

Now exit your room and walk to the left. Your Mom will ask you some questions. Answer however you want.

Look for Bianca

Now you can go outside and look for Bianca. As soon as you start walking north past your house, your rival Hugh will come over and talk to you. Apparently he has a pokémon already, and he's glad that you'll get one soon, too.

You and Hugh can wander around town some more. If you pass by the Trainers' School in the northwest, Hugh will tell you that it won't open until a Gym Leader comes to teach there.

Near the north part of town, there are some stairs going to the left that lead up to the Aspertia City Outlook. Go up there. Hugh will stand back and tell you to go get our pokémon. Up ahead, you find someone wearing a big green hat.

Receive your Starter Pokémon and Pokédex

Talk to her and she says that she's Bianca, assistant to Professor Juniper. Say yes when she mentions your name, then agree to help complete the pokédex. Talk to her a second time and she will ask you to choose a pokémon!

She has three pokémon: Snivy, which is a grass type; Tepig, which is a fire type; and Oshawott, which is a water type. Choose whichever one you want.

After you choose your pokémon, Bianca will ask if you want to give your pokémon a nickname, so do that if you want.

After that, Bianca gives you your pokédex!

Your First Pokémon Battle

Now go south again. Hugh asks Bianca for a pokédex, because he wants to go around Unova and look for something very important. Bianca just happens to have an extra, so she gives it to Hugh. She mentions that Pokémon distribution has changed a lot over the past two years.

Now Hugh will challenge you to a pokémon battle. His pokémon has a type advantage over yours. If you chose Snivy, he has Tepig. If you chose Tepig, he has Oshawott. And if you have Oshawott, he has Snivy. That's nothing to worry about right now, though, because his pokémon's only attack move right now is Tackle.

In the battle, just use Tackle on every turn until you win.

After this, Hugh will depart to go train his pokémon some more.

Get Some Free Stuff

Bianca will give you a tour of the Pokémon Center, and she will have you heal up your pokémon there. She'll give you ten free pokéballs, too.

Now she'll take you outside. Your Mom will give you Running Shoes. Now that you have these, you just need to hold the B button to run around. It's much quicker than walking!

Hugh's little sister will give you two town maps and will ask you to give the other one to Hugh.

Now it's time to leave Aspertia City! Go north through the gate to Route 19.

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