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Tips for Playing Nimble Quest

There are certain tips and tricks that can help you win more often in Nimble Quest. This page lists some tips that might help.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you kill the first enemy in a line of enemies, the entire line will be killed. Similarly, if you kill the second enemy in the line, the second and third enemies will be killed.
  • It can be helpful to aim for the head of lines of enemies, but keep in mind that the leader of your party will be more vulnerable to the attacks of those enemies. Sometimes it's better to attack from behind.
  • Don't be greedy: if you don't need a powerup or gem, you might want to leave it alone. Getting the powerup or gem could lead you into a group of enemies that will defeat you.
  • Try different positions and formations. Sometimes it works well to loop around the center of a playing field and keep your enemies stuck to the edges. Sometimes it's better to stay in a corner and clear away the enemies in that area before moving on to a different corner. And sometimes it is good to stay in a long line that weaves back and forth.
  • If you stay in the center, it is a little more likely that an enemy will drop a bomb in the center, which will get rid of more enemies than a bomb dropped near the wall.
  • In the early stages, stay near the center, only going far enough to see the edge of the playing field before turning. This is the most efficient way to search the whole playing field for enemies. In later stages, the playing field may be too crowded to allow you to stay in the center.
  • Be careful with the speed buff. Going more quickly lets you defeat more enemies in a shorter amount of time, but it can be harder to control, so you might find it harder to avoid crashing into walls. Also, when the playing fields get very crowded (such as in Courtyard 2 and beyond), the speed buff can make it more difficult to avoid hitting enemies. You can't turn the speed buff off once you have it, so beware!
  • When your leader has a shield, the shield will disappear if the hero crashes into an enemy, but the enemy will be killed. Also, if the leader has a shield and crashes into a wall, the shield will disappear and the hero will turn left or right, surviving the crash.
  • If you get a treasure chest but no magnet, go toward red gems and blue gems to get the best value from the chest.
  • To survive the later stages, your group needs to have a high damage per second, so be careful to minimize deaths of the heroes following you. Always collect potions. And avoid stepping into large groups of enemies if possible, where it's likely that you will lose many party members as enemies crash into them. Try to weave back and forth to keep all of your heroes closer together. This way your attacks will be concentrated to a smaller area, enabling you to more quickly kill the nearby enemies.
  • In later stages, try to eliminate healers, bats, and rats as soon as possible. The healers make it take longer to kill enemies, which can be fatal because so many enemies are spawned in such a short amount of time, making the playing field dangerously crowded. Bats and rats should also be dealt with quickly because they make it much more likely that you will lose some of your heroes when they crash into your line.
  • Heroes can be leveled up instantly if you tap the plus star button to the right of the hero's stars and pay the specified amount of gems. The level up cost is reduced by 2 gems for every enemy that that hero defeats when that hero is the leader. To level up your heroes as quickly as possible, focus on leveling up one hero at a time and keep that hero as your leader until he/she has leveled up. Then collect as many gems as possible and go as far as possible through the stages as you can each time you play.
  • It takes a long time to collect enough gems and defeat enough monsters to upgrade a hero to level 3. When deciding which heroes to level up to 3, choose carefully based on what stat boost the hero will get at level 3 (see the heroes page for more details), then focus only on that hero until you've leveled him or her up. The stat boost that the hero gets will make it easier to progress to the advanced stages, which means that you will be able to defeat lots of enemies in a short amount of time, which means that it might take less time to level up your next hero.
  • You can get free tokens by watching advertisement videos. You can do this by going to the shop and tapping Get Gems and Tokens in the bottom right corner, then tap Free Tokens under the tokens tab. You can also see this screen if you have no tokens and try to purchase something that requires tokens, then tap the get tokens button. Just wait for the video to be over, look for the X button to close the video (sometimes you have to wait for it to appear), and then you will get your free token. Be aware that the number of free token offers per day is limited, so sometimes the game will tell you that there aren't any free token offers right now.

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