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Introduction to Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest is a game for iOS and Android created by NimbleBit (makers of Pocket Frogs, Pocket Planes, Tiny Tower, and many others). Nimble Quest is similar to the game snake, but the snake in Nimble Quest is made up of a line of RPG-style heroes, such as warriors, mages, archers, and so on. Monsters move around the playing field, and if your heroes are close enough, they will attack the monsters. After you defeat a specific number of monsters, you advance to the next level.

For some overall tips to improving your Nimble Quest performance, see the tips page.


As of April 22, 2013, Nimble Quest has 16 heroes. The following list shows the hero's name followed by that hero's attack type. For more details about the heroes, visit the heroes page.

  • Ulrich - Short Sword
  • Merida - Bow & Arrow
  • Blaze - Exploding Fireball
  • Boomey - Musket
  • Bones - Long Sword
  • Gizmo - Bombs
  • Uther - Lance
  • Arcane - Ball Lightning
  • Slash - Daggers
  • Ember - Fire Shockwave
  • Faenel - Energy Balls
  • Ezora - Bones
  • Gurzog - Axes
  • Kishi - Shuriken
  • Hydra - Ice Bolts
  • Bolas - Exploding Spinning Energy


The gameplay of Nimble Quest progesses in stages. You advance to the next stage after defeating a specific number of enemies, depending on the stage. The game has the following stages, in this order. After completing The Depths 1, you go to Forest 2, and the stages continue in the same order but with an increased number (Graveyard 2, and so on.) For more information about stages, see the stages page.

  1. Forest
  2. Graveyard
  3. Sewer
  4. Courtyard
  5. Castle
  6. Dungeon
  7. The Depths


In every stage, enemies will randomly spawn in the playing field and wander around attacking your heroes. There are different types of enemies that move at different speeds and have various attack types. The following is a partial list of enemies that you can encounter in Nimble Quest.

  • Black Spider - Slowdown Cobweb
  • Green Spider - Poison Blob
  • Knight - Sword
  • Archer - Bow & Arrow
  • Skeleton - Bone
  • Zombie - Claw
  • Bat - Claw
  • Rat - Claw
  • Red Knight - Lance
  • Healer - Heals Enemies
  • Demon - Fire Shockwave
  • Fire Spider - Lava Blob
  • Fire Bat - Fire Shockwave
  • Fire Mage - Exploding Fireball

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