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Stages in Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest progresses in stages. After you defeat a specific number of enemies, you will progress to the next stage.

Overview of Stages

A stage takes place in a playing field where random monsters walk around trying to attack your heroes. To clear the stage, you must defeat all of the monsters. There are seven different playing fields:

  1. Forest
  2. Graveyard
  3. Sewer
  4. Courtyard
  5. Castle
  6. Dungeon
  7. The Depths

After you pass The Depths, the playing fields repeat. Each stage name is followed by a number, so the first time you do the Forest stage, it is called Forest 1. After The Depths 1, you move on to Forest 2, Graveyard 2, and so on.

Number of Enemies to Clear Stage

Use the following formula to determine how many enemies you must defeat to clear the stage. Stage number refers to the number of stages that have been started so far, e.g. Sewer 1 is stage 3 and Forest 2 is stage 8.

enemies to clear current stage = (stage number) * 15

Cumulative Number of Enemies to Clear Stage

Note that the number of defeated enemies shown in the corner is cumulative. To calculate the cumulative number of enemies that you have to defeat to clear a certain stage, use the following formula:

cumulative enemy total to clear current stage = 7.5 * [ (stage number) 2 + (stage number) ]

Enemy Types in Each Playing Field

Each playing field has a specific set of monsters that can be found there. They are listed below.

  • Forest - Black Spiders, Green Spiders, Knights, Archers
  • Graveyard - Zombies, Black Spiders, Green Spiders, Bats, Skeletons
  • Sewer - Bats, Rats, Skeletons, Black Spiders, Green Spiders
  • Courtyard - Healers, Archers, Red Knights, Knights, Rats
  • Castle - Knights, Red Knights, Healers, Fire Mage
  • Dungeon - Skeletons, Healers, Black Spiders, Fire Mages, Green Spiders
  • The Depths - Demons, Fire Bats, Fire Spiders, Fire Mages, Healers, Skeletons

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