Receive Important Information

After you regain Power Bombs, Adam asks you to return to your ship for important information.

Find an Alternate Route to your Ship

As you ride the Main Elevator, the power goes out and the elevator gets stuck. Shoot toward the right and roll through the tunnel that is revealed. Go to the far right of the tunnel to fall through some Pit Blocks. There are Geemers in this room that will retract when you approach. They are vulnerable to charged shots. Go to the right side of this area, then roll into a ball and jump up against the right wall to enter a hidden tunnel. Roll to the right.

You will end up in the sub-zero containment room. Go to the right. After a brief cutscene, go to the right and you will fall through some Pit Blocks. In the next room, use a Power Bomb to reveal a tunnel to the left. Roll through it until you reach a dead end. Use a Power Bomb there to reveal a hidden Power Bomb tank. Collect it, then go back the way you came. Go toward the right, then in the area with Genesises in the ceiling, use Power Bombs to kill the ceiling monsters. Then go to the far left of the area and run toward the right to Speed Boost through some Boost Blocks in the next room.

After breaking through the Boost Blocks, use a Power Bomb, take the Missile Tank that is revealed, then jump up through the hole in the ceiling. Go to the right to reach the Docking Bays.

Docking Bays

Go to the right and stand under the middle of your ship to be pulled up into it. Your energy and weapons will be recharged, and you can save the game.

Adam tells you to find a path to the auxiliary power system. Adam also says that the Etecoons and Dachoras are in your ship and have not been infected by the X.