After Will and Kara are rescued, you wake up in Oakton on the Diamond Coast and go north to Freejia.

Explore Freejia

In town, a man will come by and lead you to a hotel. Follow him and Kara. Talk to Kara and she will go into the hotel. Go inside. Lilly is there and she says to go to Lance's room on the right. Before that, go upstairs, then go all the way to the far east side and into the room there, and check in the pot to find Red Jewel #12.

Go east from the hotel. You can jump down into the flowers south of the eastern building. Go south and east and south, then jump down into the road. Follow the road to find a guy in a purple robe. Talk to him and he gives you Red Jewel #13. To leave this area, go to the north end of the road and jump downward into the flowers at the top, then go west and jump down onto the road.

Now go west from the hotel, then go up the narrow street between the houses. You will reach the dangerous part of town. Go east from the narrow alley and go into the house to the right of the two guys in purple robes. There is a door to the Dark Space here.

If you go east from the house with the door to the Dark Space, you find another door. First, go past the door and check on the trash can to find herbs. Then go into the door to the left. This is a Labor Camp. Go upstairs to the roof. Go east and drop down the ledge of the roof there. Before you continue, check on the fallen trash can to the left to get an HP Jewel, which increases your HP.

Then go south down the path to the east. Go up the ladder at the end, then go to the left and drop down the ledge. From there, go west and down the stairs into the house. The person in the house found a laborer who escaped. Talk to both people.

Now go back to the two guys in purple robes who stand outside of the house with the door to the Dark Space in it. Talk to the one on the right and tell him where the laborer is hiding. He gives you Red Jewel #14.

Find Erik

Now go back to the roof of the labor camp. Drop off of the right side of the roof, then go northeast and into the cave door there. Talk to the man in the purple robe and say that you want to purchase a laborer. He lets you go back and talk to the laborers. When you talk to the one on the right, Sam, he says that Erik is being held in a house on the corner in a back street.

Go to the house in the northwest corner of town, where a man in a purple robe shuts the door before you can go inside. Check on the door and Erik will call for help from inside. Hit the door with your weapon and go inside. Talk to Erik and you will learn where the Diamond Mine is. Erik leaves.

Save your game. You can talk to Erik and the others at the hotel. Otherwise, if you are ready, exit town and go to the Diamond Mine.