Edward's Castle

After you meet Kara in South Cape and receive a summons from the King, you go to Edward's Castle.

Meet Kara

Go to the east side of the first floor. Go up the stairs to the left of the big column. In the next room, go up the next set of stairs.

Go west across the bridge and talk to the guard. Kara recognizes your voice and makes the soldier let you in. Kara is very worried that her father keeps taking important things away from other people, and her mother has hired a famous hunter. Kara says that her parents have changed. She begs you to help her escape.

Go back down to the first floor. There is secretly someone standing behind the column in the east side of the first floor. Talk to that person to get Red Jewel #4.

Meet the King

Now go to the middle room in the first floor of the castle. The soldier has moved out of the way of the door, so go inside. Go up and talk to the King. No matter what your response is, you are thrown in prison.

Edward's Prison

Check on the iron ball, the moss in the corners, and the locked jail door. Someone will throw some bread down for you. After a while, the day will pass and you sleep.

The voice of your father speaks to you through the flute. He has a request of you. Agree to it and a shining stone will fall from the ceiling. Press L or R to pull it to you. Your father says that your grandfather knows the secret of that stone. Your father says to pick up the stones that your enemies leave behind. The stones contain the power of the Crystal. Your father says to go to the ruins of the world to find the Mystic Statues. But as you get closer to the Crystal, the evil will get stronger. He says to go to the Incan Ruins first.

Wait a moment and Kara's pig walks to your jail cell. Check on it. Kara attached a letter and a key to the pig's tail. Her letter says that she will escape, and you too will be free. Press SELECT to equip the key, then use it on the jail door to leave.

Outside of the cell, go into the cell to the right to find a Dark Space door. Go in and talk to Gaia, who says to press START to show a map that displays all enemies in the area. After you have cleared all of the enemies in an area, you get a gem that increases your abilities.

You can use your key on the cell to the left. Otherwise, go south and use the exit there. You can use your flute as a weapon. Use it to kill the three Bats in this room. After you defeat them, your HP will go up. Use the southeast door to move on to the next area.

Go south and kill the bats on the way. Then go east and north and up the stairs. Be careful of the fireballs that the Canal Worm spits at you. Go east down the stairs and kill the bats, then go over and kill the Canal Worm when it pops out of the water. Killing it will open the small room with the Ribber (skeleton) in it. Kill the Ribber, then go south and kill the second Canal Worm in the water. Go east, then south. Kill the bats, then go up the stairs. Kill the Ribber, then go west down the stairs. Kill the two bats there, then kill the Canal Worm in the water. You strength will increase and the door will open. Go out.

Go up the stairs to the east and kill the two bats. Go south, then press L or R to pull one of the statues up so you can walk past. A flower seed will float by. If you hit it, it gets annoyed. Go south and kill the bats and the Ribber. The flower seed says to follow it, then floats west.

Go down the stairs to the west. There are some metallic monsters spinning around here. You can't damage them, so just walk north past them. Kill the bat, then kill the Canal Worm to the east. Go up the stairs and kill the bat, then go west and kill the Ribber. Go south and kill the Ribber, as well as the Canal Worm to the east, then hit the switch to make the metal things move. Go southwest to find a chest. It contains an Herb.

Go east, then hit the switch to move the metal things again. Go northwest and kill the Canal Worm, then keep going northwest and kill the rest of the enemies to increase your Defense and remove the barrier from the door. Go through.

Kill the two Canal Worms, then go up the stairs. Spears will fall from the ceiling here, so move quickly northward. Kill the Ribber at the top. Go north and carefully avoid the metal things and the spears from the ceiling. Kill the bat at the top. To the north, there is a rusty switch.

Go up the stairs and kill the bats and the Ribber. Go to the east side and drop down the ledge to activate the rusted switch. Go into the room that opens. Open the chest to get Red Jewel #5.

Leave the room and go up the stairs, then go north until you reach an area with a King Bat and several normal bats. Defeat them to increase your HP and open the door to the north. Go through.

The flower seed is floating there again. It goes west, where a flower tells you to play the melody with your flute. First, you need to equip the song. Press SELECT and choose the song, then go back to the game and press B to play the song. Afterward, a voice tells you to go to the switch on the right, so do that. The voice will count to three, so press the switch on 3. Go into the door that opened.

Go west, killing the monsters on the way. Go north and kill the Canal Worms that surround the area. A door to the Dark Space appears. Go in. There is now a statue in the Dark Space. Talk to Gaia to get healed up if you need it. Gaia says that your shape is only temporary, and you should go up to the statue. When you do, you meet Freedan, who is eternal. You will transform into Freedan. Leave the Dark Space.

As Freedan, go east and use your sword to hit the switch that is blocked by the barrier. Your sword will reach it and create a bridge to the north. Cross it. Kill the bat and Ribber to the north, then go west past the metal things. There is a brown skeleton to the west called a Skull Chaser. After you kill it, the skull will fly around. Kill the skull to remove the barrier to the north.

Go north and kill the two Ribbers. Keep going north and kill the four bats, then go down the stairs. Kill the Canal Worm, then the Ribber to the east. Go up the stairs and carefully make your way past the metal things rotating around, then go south.

The path splits to the left and right. First, go left and kill the Ribber and open the chest to get Red Jewel #6. Then go east and then north to find another Skull Chaser. Kill it and the skull to increase your defense and open the path. Go north and through the door.

You have cleared this area, so Will goes back to his original form. Go north. You find a girl standing there. She is Lilly, an Itory girl protected by the Flower Spirit. It turns out that your Grandmother Lola's melody is an Itory melody. It turns out that your grandmother asked Lilly to rescue you. The Elder calls Lilly, so she leaves.

Go south and to the right side of the barrels. Check on the bottom barrel to get Red Jewel #7.

Now go north to exit the area. You will be back in Edward's Castle. Go east and up the stairs. Keep going up the stairs to get to the top floor. Go west and talk to Kara. She will join you. Go down the stairs. If you try to leave the castle, Kara says you should go to the cellar to get some food, so go to the bottom floor and go west. When Kara stops you, check on the nearby open barrel to get a roasted leg of yak. Then go upstairs and leave the castle.

You will automatically go back to your grandparents' house. It has been ransacked, and there is no sign of your grandparents. Upstairs, it's the sign of the Jackal, the famous hunter that the queen employed. Lilly appears and says that your grandparents are safe in her village. You should go there next, but first you might want to talk to the people in town. Go outside. When you go back into your house, talk to Lilly and say that you are ready to go. The three of you will go to the hidden Itory Village.