After Lance gets medicine for his father from the Great Wall of China, you get four Kruks and go to Euro.

Rolek Mansion

If you want to save your game, go outside, south of the marketplace, and go two doors east from the big line of people. There is a Dark Space gate in there.

Go to the market south of the mansion to where a woman in a blue dress is standing behind a table of apples. Talk to her across the table to get an apple. Then go back into the mansion and go into the door on the far left. Talk to the girl there to give her an apple. Repeat this until the girl gives you Red Jewel #31. You can go get another apple if you want to.

Now if you haven't collected all of the Red Jewels but you want to increase your HP and Dark Friar power, go east to a place where a bunch of people are lining up outside. Go into the door to the right and you will be pushed back out. Quickly cut into the line, then wait a long time and you will eventually get into the building. Inside, drink both of the potions to boost your HP and your Dark Friar ability.

Go into the building to the right of where you got kicked out earlier and you will find a door to the Dark Space on the second floor.

Go east into the alley and then go left into the door next to the second blue-haired woman. Talk to both of the men to get Mt. Kress marked on your map.

Leave their house and go left until you can't go any farther. Check on the wall in front of you to find Red Jewel #32.

Go east to the alley, then go north until you have passed another left turn. There is a space just north of a green plant where two red-roofed houses are next to each other to your left. You can go between these two houses. Follow the path to reach a ladder. Go up and then enter the door at the top.

Check on the statue in the shrine and say Yes to look. Go into the door that appears. You find something pretty shocking! In this room, check on the southeast barrel to find Red Jewel #33.

You can send Red Jewels to Gem just by selecting them in your inventory and using them, but if you want to see Gem in person, leave the shrine and go back to the alley. Go south, then go into the west path. Go into the house with the green-haired guy looking out of the window. The green-haired guy is Gem.

Now go to the southeast of town to exit, and choose to return to Watermia.


You can get Red Jewel #34 if you go to Luke's house and talk to Lance.

Leave town and go to Euro, then exit Euro and go to the Mountain Temple.