Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Guide - AC:HHD

Starting the Game

This page is a quick guide to starting a new game of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.


Name Your Character

When you first start a new game of Happy Home Designer, you will be asked for your name. You can't change this later, so be careful!

Choose Your Character's Gender

Next, you will be asked whether your character is a boy or a girl. Again, this can't be changed later.

Customize your Character's Appearance

Next, you can choose what your character's eyes look like, your character's eye color, and skin tone. You can tap Hairstyle to customize your character's hairstyle and hair color. Tap Face to go back to the face customization page. After you unlock the styling machine, you can change eye style, eye color, hair style, hair color, and skin tone any time.

Get Dressed

After you are finished customizing your character, Lottie asks you to go upstairs and use the changing room (the booth with a curtain). You will automatically change into your official uniform. You can come back to the changing room to change your outfit later.

Start Designing!

After this, you will start your first interior design job! Visit the home design guide for more information on how to design a home.