Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Guide - AC:HHD

Happy Home Handbook

Over the course of the game, Nook will add the Happy Home Handbook to your desk. The Happy Home Handbook contains lessons that you can unlock with Play Coins. Unlocking a lesson will unlock something new in the game.


How to Unlock the Happy Home Handbook

Keep playing the game and the Happy Home Handbook will eventually be unlocked. It will be unlocked after your first exterior design project.

How to Use the Happy Home Handbook

You can use the Handbook by sitting down at your desk and choosing to study the Handbook. Then you can browse the lessons in the Handbook and choose one to read. You can only unlock one Handbook lesson per day.

List of Happy Home Handbook Lessons

Lesson NamePlay Coin CostThings Unlocked By Lesson
Ceiling DecorFreeUnlocks ceiling furniture in the yellow tab
Styling Machine5 Play CoinsUnlocks the styling machine upstairs for changing hairstyle and appearance
World Fish2 Play CoinsAdds fish to your catalog
Refurbishing2 Play CoinsUnlocks the refurbishing feature (drag customizeable furniture to the toolbox on the left)
Choosing a Layout5 Play CoinsUnlocks floor plans (can choose two-room floor plans and bigger one-room floor plans)
Custom Designs2 Play CoinsUnlock custom design capability (pink pencil tab in top-right corner)
Art Collection1 Play CoinAdds sculptures and paintings to the catalog
Gyroids1 Play CoinAdds all 131 gyroids to the catalog
Happy Home Camera1 Play CoinAdds Happy Home Camera to the interface for taking photos while you design or visit a home
Even More Designs5 Play CoinsUnlocks the sewing machine upstairs (long-sleeved shirts, QR codes, etc.)
Windows and More2 Play CoinsAdds the ability to customize windows, curtains, and doors
Sound Scenery2 Play CoinsAdds the ability to add sound effects to rooms (waves, leaves, etc.)
Ancient Fossils2 Play CoinsAdds fossils and miniature fossils to the catalog
World Insects2 Play CoinsAdds insects to the catalog