Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Guide - AC:HHD

Home Design Guide

This page explains how to design a home in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.



The clipboard shows you the details of the client's request, and also lists the client's favorite furniture.

Use the Client's Favorite Furniture

When you design a home, sometimes the client will provide his or her own favorite furniture. The furniture will be in cardboard boxes when you start designing, so tap the boxes on the touch screen to open them. Always incorporate your client's favorite furniture in your design. They won't be happy otherwise!

Use Furniture and Items that Match your Client's Request

You can view the client's request by tapping the clipboard icon in the touch screen. Make sure that the furniture and other items that you put into the home match what your client requested.

One good way to do this is to tap the brown leaf icon in the top right corner of the touch screen. This will show you the new furniture and items that have been added to the catalog. Every time you add a new client to the client list, new furniture is added. The new furniture is often a good choice for the client who unlocked it!

Watch the Client's Reactions

When you add a piece of furniture or another item to a home, your client will react. If the client seems happy, the item that you used is probably a good choice! Another way to find out an item that a client likes is to throw it away. If the client seems shocked when you throw it away, it's an item that the client likes.

The Home Tab

When inside of the home, the Home Tab shows you the wallpapers and carpets that are available from the catalog. Just tap a wallpaper or carpet to use it in the home.

If you are designing the exterior of the home, the Home Tab shows you the house style, roof, exterior, door, and fence.

The Furniture Tab

The furniture tab is green and has a leaf on it. You can use it to see all the furniture that is currently unlocked in the catalog. More furniture is unlocked as the game progresses, and furniture is unlocked when you add a new client to your client list. To put a piece of furniture into a home, just tap it. It will appear in the touch screen. You can use the stylus to drag the furniture, and you can tap the furniture to rotate it. You can also drag the stylus to select multiple pieces of furniture at a time. If you want to get rid of a piece of furniture, drag it to the trash (this won't remove it from the catalog).

The Plants Tab

If you are designing the exterior of the home, there is a yellow tab with a tree on it. This tab shows you the trees, shrubs, and flowers that you can place outside in the yard of the home.

The Rugs Tab

The rugs tab allows you to select rugs and carpets to place in the home. These are separate from flooring. You can choose to use a small, medium, or large rug on top of the flooring.