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Completing the Froggydex

This page gives advice on completing the Froggydex inexpensively.

How to Add Frogs to the Froggydex

When you put a frog into one of your habitats, it is added to the Froggydex if it is not there already.

New frogs in your Mailbox have not yet been added to your Froggydex, so be sure to put them into a habitat.

Getting Frogs from Others

Share Friend Codes with other players to send and receive frogs. Request a frog to help complete your Froggydex.

Breeding Frogs Inexpensively

You can get new frog colors and patterns into your Froggydex by breeding. However, breeding results are random, so you might need to breed the same frogs many times until you get the desired frog added to your Froggydex. This can become expensive. The cost of breeding two frogs depends on the maximum value of each frog, so keep costs down by using the cheapest possible frogs when breeding.

The frogs listed below are some of the cheapest available in Pocket Frogs. If you keep these frogs in your habitats, you can use them to breed whichever colors you need for your Froggydex, at a low cost.

  • Green Tingo Anura - 41 coins
  • Golden Folium Anura - 41 coins
  • Orange Muscus Anura - 41 coins
  • Pink Carota Anura - 41 coins
  • Yellow Pruni Anura - 41 coins
  • White Chroma Anura - 41 coins
  • Glass Viola Anura - 41 coins
  • Marine Aurum Anura - 41 coins
  • Azure Bruna Anura - 41 coins
  • Blue Cafea Anura - 41 coins
  • Cocos Picea Anura - 41 coins
  • Tangelo Albeo Anura - 42 coins
  • Royal Muscus Anura - 42 coins
  • Beige Carota Anura - 42 coins
  • Lime Caelus Anura - 42 coins
  • Red Floris Anura - 42 coins
  • Violet Ceres Anura - 42 coins
  • Black Bruna Anura - 42 coins
  • Aqua Tingo Anura - 42 coins
  • Lime Chroma Anura - 42 coins
  • Maroon Ceres Anura - 42 coins
  • Olive Pruni Anura - 42 coins
  • Emerald Callaina Anura - 42 coins
  • Purple Picea Anura - 42 coins

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