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Completing the Froggydex

To complete the Froggydex, you need to find all of the frog types. As soon as a frog is in one of your habitats, even if it is still in an egg, it gets added to your Froggydex if it isn't there already. If a frog is in your Mailbox, it HAS NOT been added to your Froggydex yet, so be sure to move a mailbox frog into a habitat to add it to your Froggydex.

Therefore, unless you can get people to send you all of the frog types via Game Center or Mobage, breeding frogs is the fastest way to fill up your Froggydex.

Request a frog to help complete your Froggydex.

Frog breeding can be pretty expensive. To keep costs down, you should keep a bunch of Anura frogs in your habitats, and then get a frog of the pattern type and body color that you need. Breed eight eggs using the cheapest Anura that you have that has the pattern color that you need. Then check your Froggydex to see if you got the new type.

You could breed the Anuras to get the exact body color and pattern color that matches the frog that you have with the pattern that you need, but this takes longer than the above method, so I don't do it that way.

The following list has the cheapest Anuras available for giving your frogs the colors that you need. To have all of these frogs will require four habitats. As long as you keep these Anuras around, you can use any pattern frog to complete the Froggydex for that pattern.

  • Orange Floris Anura - 41 coins
  • Lime Carota Anura - 41 coins
  • Lime Ceres Anura - 41 coins
  • Glass Bruna Anura - 41 coins
  • Glass Viola Anura - 41 coins
  • Red Cafea Anura - 41 coins
  • Azure Folium Anura - 41 coins
  • Azure Callaina Anura - 41 coins
  • Red Caelus Anura - 41 coins
  • Emerald Carota Anura - 41 coins
  • Violet Cafea Anura - 41 coins
  • Violet Pruni Anura - 41 coins
  • Yellow Caelus Anura - 41 coins
  • Tangelo Floris Anura - 41 coins
  • Pink Cafea Anura - 42 coins
  • Purple Callaina Anura - 42 coins
  • Blue Floris Anura - 42 coins
  • Golden Pruni Anura - 42 coins
  • White Pruni Anura - 42 coins
  • Cocos Albeo Anura - 42 coins
  • Cocos Muscus Anura - 42 coins
  • Aqua Ceres Anura - 42 coins
  • Black Carota Anura - 42 coins
  • Beige Tingo Anura - 42 coins
  • Maroon Folium Anura - 42 coins
  • Orange Picea Anura - 42 coins
  • Green Viola Anura - 42 coins
  • Olive Floris Anura - 43 coins
  • Marine Tingo Anura - 44 coins
  • Glass Chroma Anura - 44 coins
  • Royal Tingo Anura - 44 coins
  • Black Aurum Anura - 44 coins

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