Viridian Room Walkthrough

This walkthrough will guide you through the solution to Viridian Room. Viridian Room was created by Toshimitsu Takagi. He also created the Crimson Room, White Chamber, and Blue Chamber.

Thonky's Game Guides: Viridian Room

Click the bright spot in the middle of the screen near the bottom to turn on the light.


To reach the trash can, open and close the refrigerator. You will be able to click it. Look inside the trash can. Take the hair out of the trash can.


Click the hair in your inventory, and click "About Item". If you do not do this, the next step will not work.


Now that you have looked at the hair, you can lift the trash can. If you did not look at the hair, nothing will happen when you click the trash can. Get the lighter from under the trash can.


Open the refrigerator and take the can of beer.


Click the meat in the refrigerator to find the first symbol. Then put the beer back into the refrigerator. You need to put it back to make it cold.


Click the right side of the screen to turn and face the wall. You will see another white card with a symbol on it.


Click the right side of the screen to turn again, until you see this screen. You will see part of the lamp near the top right of the screen. Click it.


It is hard to see, but there is another card on top of the lamp (it looks red, and it is on the left side of the lamp).


Look at the top shelf of the grey book shelf, and look in the left side to find another card.


Look at the right side of this shelf to find a bundle of incense.


Look under the two brown pillows to the right of the book shelf to find another card.


Look under the blue slippers in the short red book shelf to find another card.


Click the slippers to put them back down, then click the space under the red book shelf to find an empty picture frame.


Open the doors at the bottom of the grey book shelf to find a yellow book. Take the two photos.


Click the red mat on the floor in the center of the room to reveal a skeleton.


Take the blue bottle of pills from the skeleton's right hand. Then, click the skeleton's other hand a few times until it drops a key. Take it.


Inside the bottle of pills is a piece of paper with Chinese characters on it. You will need to remember what the symbols look like, and their pattern. You can try to write the symbols on a piece of paper, or just look at the image on this web page.


Now that you have the key, you can take the red mat that was covering the skeleton. Examine it and click it a few times until you open it. Take the green cross from inside.


The key from the skeleton unlocks the red book on the book shelf. Use the key on the lock, and click the hand symbols at the bottom of each page to read the diary.


Go to the page where the writer says it is the worst day of his life. Write down the month and date at the top of that page. The date is random, so you should write it down.


After the last page of the diary you will find a CD. Take it.


Look at the skeleton's feet to find a bicycle lock. The first two numbers of the combination are the month of the girlfriend's birthday (use a 0 as the first number if it is less than ten). The last two numbers are the day of her birthday (use a 0 if it is less than ten). If you used the correct combination, it will unlock.


Look at the black hair in your inventory. Click the lighter, then click the black hair many times until the screen says "What does this mean?" There will be a brown pattern on the paper. This pattern is also random, so you should write it down.

The pattern is the same as the Chinese characters:


symbol dice

This is just an example. It will probably not be the same in your game. In this example, the Chinese symbol on the bottom-left is in the same place as the brown square that has one dot. You should put the card with that symbol on the part of the green cross that has one dot.

In this example, the Chinese symbol on the bottom-right is in the same place as the brown square with two dots; you should put the card with that symbol on the part of the green cross that has two dots.

Keep putting the cards on the cross this way, using the brown pattern in YOUR game, until you have put all six cards on the cross.

start_cross example

If you have done it correctly, it turns into a box.


Look at your CD case, open it, and put the CD in.


If you did not take the beer out of the refrigerator and put it back in, you should do that now. You will have to wait a minute or two for the beer to become chilly. Take the beer out of the refrigerator and examine it. If it says "so chilly", it is ready.

Put the CD case, the beer, and the bundle of incense on the altar on the grey book shelf (it is the shelf with the bell and bowl on it). Use the lighter on the bundle of incense to light it. Now click the stick next to the bell to ring the bell. Congratulations! You have escaped!