Blue Chamber Walkthrough

This walkthrough will guide you through the solution to Blue Chamber. Blue Chamber was created by Toshimitsu Takagi. He also created the Crimson Room, White Chamber, and Viridian Room.

Thonky's Game Guides: The Blue Chamber

Welcome to the Blue Chamber.

Click the desk with the phone on it.

Click the drawer to open it. Click the pen to take it.

Keep pressing one of the white circles in the bottom corners until you're facing the chair.

Click the cushion to lift it. Click the paper to take it.

Click on the paper in your inventory.

Click on the pen six times and it will spell "HELP ME." Click the white part of the screen to go back.

Turn to face the tube on the wall.

Click the tube to get closer.

Click the cylinder at the bottom of the tube to open it.

Take the capsule, then close the cylinder.

Click on the capsule in your inventory to look at it (the cylinder has to be closed for this to work; otherwise you will just put the capsule back.)

Click the capsule to open it.

Click the paper to put it into the capsule. Then click on the white part of the screen to go back.

Put the capsule into the cylinder, close it, and press the red button and wait about 11 seconds. You will hear the capsule return. If you have your sound turned off, then open the empty cylinder. It will automatically close when the capsule comes back. Then click the cylinder to open it again. Take the capsule.

Take the paper out of the capsule. There is now a red skull drawn on the paper.

Go to the phone.

Click the top part to lift it up.

Dial 4357*63 (this would spell out HELP ME on a phone that has letters under each number.) The phone will ring and a voice will whisper "OK." If you have your sound turned off, then wait at least ten seconds after dialing the final 3. That's about how long it takes for the voice to say "OK."

Turn around and face the picture.

Click the upper right corner of the picture.

Then click the upper left corner.

Then click the middle bottom of the picture. It will fall off of the wall, revealing a ¥10,000 bill stuck to the wall.

Take the money. You can draw a face on the money if you want, but it is optional.

Put the money into the capsule.

Put the capsule into the cylinder and send it using the red button.

When it comes back, it will have a key inside. Take the key out.

Click on one of the white circles until you see this screen.

Click the lock to use the key on the door.

Then click the door. Congratulations; you escaped from the blue chamber!