Level S2-12 Solution

The monkeys usually don't fall through the gate, so don't worry too much about keeping them safe. Even if they do fall through, they're tough enough that you have some time before they get injured too much and die. You need to make the starite float up through the crack in the ground where Maxwell is, because it's too narrow for him to go through and he can't dig through it. The air vents will blow objects toward the red gate, so you can flip the red switch and try to make the starite float up through the crack.

  1. Flip the red switch. Put two BALLOON (TOY) on the starite. If it gets stuck on the ceiling, put some wheels next to it. Make Maxwell wait by the crack in the ground to retreive the starite.
  2. Put an RC HELICOPTER on top of the starite. Attach one end of a STRING (GUITAR) to the starite and the other end to the helicopter. Create HANDCUFFS and attach one end to the ceiling near the crack in the ground near Maxwell. Have Maxwell flip the red switch. Then tap the helicopter to be in control of it. Fly it up to the crack in the ground, and attach the other end of the handcuffs to it. Then resume control of Maxwell and give him a FISHING ROD. Have him tap the starite to catch it with his fishing rod (it might take several tries.)
  3. Put a bunch of INDESTRUCTIBLE KITES onto the Starite. Flip the red switch and use objects next to the starite to help push it through the opening. Then when the kites fly up to Maxwell, create a FISHING POLE and have him attempt to catch the starite. If he catches a kite, just have him walk onto the crack in the ground, and the starite should float up through it.