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Level 9-7 Solution

The game will ask you to look for items that should be a certain color, and use your colored paintbrush to make them their normal color again. You will need wings or some other thing that lets you fly around in order to reach some of the objects in the sky.

  • White Paintbrush, Wings: Paint the clouds (there are two) and the bear
  • Red Paintbrush, Wings: Ketchup, Apple, Cardinal (it's a bird in the sky)
  • Orange Paintbrush, Wings: Orange, Sun, Basketball
  • Yellow Paintbrush, Wings: Lemons (there are two), School bus, rubber duck
  • Green Paintbrush, Wings: Broccoli, Relish, Watermelon
  • Brown Paintbrush, Wings: Eagle, Elephant, Bear
  • Gray Paintbrush, Wings: Elephant, Parking Meter, Cloud

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