Mossdeep City

After you Surf through Route 124, you reach Mossdeep City, where you can battle the leaders of the Psychic-type Gym.

Explore Town

In Ruby and Sapphire, you can find Steven Stone in a house here and get HM08 Dive from him. However, you can't use Dive outside of battle until you get the next Gym Badge.

You can talk to a boy in one of the houses here to find out where your Secret Base is.

In another house, a Black Belt will tell you which PokeBlock color your Pokémon prefer.

Talk to a boy in town to get a King's Rock.

You can get the Super Rod in Mossdeep City from a fisherman in a house.

There is a Net Ball in a house near the fisherman who was mentioned above.

Go into the Space Center and talk to someone there to get a Sun Stone.

Go to the Gym

When you are ready, go to the Mossdeep Gym, which is full of Psychic-type trainers.