Route 114

After you pass through Fiery Path and reach Fallarbor Town, you can go west to reach Route 114.

Catch Pokémon

In this route, you can find Swablu. In Ruby and Sapphire, you have a small chance of finding Surskit. In Sapphire and Emerald, you can find Seviper, Lotad, and Lombre. In Ruby, you can find Seedot and Zangoose. In Ruby and Emerald, you can find Nuzleaf. If you use the Old Rod for fishing, you can find Goldeen and Magikarp.

Explore the Route

The house to the left is the Fossil Maniac's house. Go inside and talk to the girl. She gives you TM28 Dig. This move is very important! You have to have this move in order to complete a quest later in the game. Don't get rid of it!

You can go into the tunnel past the girl if you want to meet the Fossil Maniac at the end. He won't give you any fossils, but he tells you to look for fossils in the desert of Route 111.

Outside, go southwest. There is a man and a Poochyena next to the path. Talk to the man to get TM05 Roar.

Near the bridge is Fisherman Nolan, who has a Barboach. Farther south, Fisherman Claude has Goldeen, Barboach, and in Emerald, a Magikarp.

South of the bridge is Picnicker Nancy, who has Marill and Lombre. West of her, at the end of a narrow path, there is a hidden Revive.

Go south into the grass. Sr. and Jr. Tyra & Ivy are in this area. They have Roselia and Graveler.

Go northeast and into the house. This is Lanette's house. Talk to her and she gives you a doll.

Go outside and go south. You can battle Camper Shane, who has Sandshrew and Nuzleaf.

Farther south, there is PokéManiac Steve, who has an Aron. Check the rock near him to find a hidden Carbos.

Go northwest and up the stairs to the left of Camper Shane. You can go farther north and use Rock Smash to reach the Protein to the north.

Then go southwest along the ledge. Follow the path around and you will find Kindler Bernie. He has a Slugma and Wingull.

South of him is Hiker Lucas, who has Geodude, and in Emerald, Numel. In Emerald, Picnicker Angelina might have a Double Battle with him. She has Lombre and Marill.

Go up the stairs west of the hiker, then go west. You find Hiker Lenny, who has Machop, and in Emerald, Geodude.

Go down the stairs behind the hiker and you will reach the entrance to Meteor Falls.