Selenitic Age

After getting the access key to the spaceship on Myst, you find the linking book to the Selenitic Age.

Light Up the Symbols

Leave the spaceship and follow the path. There will be a brick building to the right, but you don't have enough information to solve the puzzle to open it, so keep following the path.

You will see some stairs up ahead, but before going up them, turn left. There will be another set of stairs, different from the ones you saw farther ahead. Go up them to reach a forested area. At the end of the path, you find a microphone recording some dripping water. Press the button to light up the dripping water symbol. Before you go, you can turn left to find the blue page.

Go up the stairs on the left and you find an area with a microphone recording the sound of a fiery fissure in the ground. Press the button to light up the fissure symbol, then go back down the stairs.

Ahead, you see a clock. Go up to it and press the button to light up the clock symbol.

Continue on, and go to the right, where there is a path that leads to some crystals in the water. At the end of the path, press the button to light up the crystal symbol. The red page is on top.

Go back the way you came, and go to the right. The path leads to some stairs, and you find a tunnel at the end. Press the button to light up the symbol, then go down the ladder. At the bottom, there is a switch. Flip it to turn the lights on. Then turn around and go to the end of the tunnel, where there is another ladder. Go up.

Rotate the Receivers

At the top, follow the path and you find a structure with a metal door. Open it, then look at the display. Use the arrow buttons to rotate the display. You need to rotate it to point to where the sounds are originating from. The arrow will start blinking when you are close to the correct position, and when it is pointing straight at it, the sound will become clearer and the arrows will stop blinking. Make all five symbols point to their respective sounds, then press the Σ button.

After all the sounds are being received by the device and you press Σ, the device will play back the sounds in a particular order:

crystal, water, tunnel, fissure, clock

Unlock The Door

Go down the ladder, go through the tunnel, and make your way back to the small brick building near the spaceship where you arrived. Move the sliders down so that they play the sounds in the order that the device played, going from left to right. Then press the button on the right. If you put the sounds in the correct order, the door will open. Go in.

The Maze

At the end of the path, you will find a vessel. Press the button to open the door. Go inside. Sit in the chair and click the green "Forward" button. You will now be in a maze. You can click Forward to go forward, click the left arrow button to rotate counterclockwise, click the right arrow button to rotate clockwise, and click Backtrack to go back to the previous stop.

A clue to getting through the maze is to listen to the sound that plays on the speaker whenever you stop. You can replay this sound by pressing the red button on the speaker. The sound tells you the correct direction to go, and corresponds to the sounds that play when performing fortress rotation on the Mechanical Age. Early on in the maze, there is only one correct way to go, so you can try to memorize (or write down a description of) the sounds that correspond to the correct directions.

If this proves too difficult, you can listen for whether it plays a combination of two sound effects, or just plays a single sound effect. If it's a single sound effect, the correct direction is either north, south, east, or west, while a combination of two sound effects signifies a combination of two directions, i.e. northwest, southwest, southeast, or northwest. If the speaker does not play any sound, it means that you are in a dead-end, and should click the backtrack button to go to the previous stop.

The correct path through the maze is:

N, W, N, E, E, S, S, W, SW, W, NW, NE, N, SE

When you reach the end of the maze, exit the vessel and go to the end of the path, where you find the Myst linking book. Use it to return to the library on Myst. If you wish, you can go back to the spaceship on Myst, use the linking book to return to the Selenitic Age, and get the other page (red or blue) to put into the book in the library on Myst.