Final Blue and Red Pages

How to find the final blue and red pages that will complete the blue and red books.

Clue from Sirrus and/or Achenar

If you have gotten all of the red and/or blue pages from the Ages accessible from Myst Island and put them into their respective books in the library on Myst, the book's captive will tell you They say that if you do so, it will lead you to the final red page, the final blue page, and a green book, which they warn you not to touch, because it will imprison you just as they were imprisoned.

Enter the fireplace in the library and press the red button on the left to close the door. Enter the following, then press the red button:


Once you do so, you will have the choice of taking the red page, the blue page, or ignoring the warnings and opening the green book. It is recommended to save the game prior to making your choice.

Completing the red or blue book will cause Sirrus or Achenar to escape their respective book, switching places with you and imprisoning you. They will then remove the pages from your book and their brother's book. Game over.

If you open the green book, be sure not to touch the image, or you will be trapped there. Instead, watch the message. Afterward, you need to find the page that Sirrus and Achenar removed from Atrus's Myst linking book. The clues for this can be found in Sirrus's room on Channelwood Age and Achenar's room on Stoneship Age.

In Sirrus's room in Channelwood Age, and Achenar's room in Stoneship Age, you find half of a ripped note. If you write down what each one says and line up the message, it says to turn all marker switches on Myst Island to "on", then turn the one at the dock to "off". When you do so, it will open, revealing the missing page. Take it, save the game, then enter the pattern on the fireplace door again, press the red button, and open the green book. With the missing page in hand, click the image in the book to go to Atrus's location. If you don't see him when you first arrive, turn around to find him. Walk up to him and click him to give the missing page to him. Watch the cutscene that follows. Afterward, you may return to Myst via the Myst linking book in front of Atrus. Congratulations, you won! If you are playing realMyst, check on the floor of the library when you return to Myst island.