Some advice for playing Battle of Olympus with less frustration.

Refilling your Health

If you are low on health but close to a God's temple, there is a way to get your health refilled. Talk to the God to get a password. Then leave the temple and deliberately die, then choose Retry. You will come out of the same temple, but with your health completely refilled, and you won't lose any olives.

Hard-to-Reach Olives and Bay Leaves

If an Olive or Bay Leaf falls on the ground on top of some stairs, you might not be able to crouch to get them without starting to go down the stairs. But there is another way to get them. Just jump onto them. Whenever you jump, you crouch when you land, and when you crouch, you pick up any Olives or Bay Leaves on the ground, even if they are on top of stairs.

Crouch Beam

There may be times when you want to shoot a beam from the Divine Sword while crouching. There is a way to do it, but it's tricky. First, jump, then quickly press Up and Attack while you are crouching after the jump. If timed correctly, you will shoot a beam at crouching level.