Get the Golden Apple

After getting the second Token of Love in Phthia, you can optionally get the Golden Apple.

Go to the Garden

If you bought the Divine Sword from Hephaestos here in Phthia, then after getting the Token of Love from the Nymph behind the locked door in Phthia, you can get the Golden Apple, which causes damage from enemies to be reduced by half.

Leave the room where you got the Token of Love, and go back to the big dark room where caterpillars are crawling around. Go to the right and go through the door at the end.

You will be in the Garden of the Hesperides. Go to the right. There will be butterflies that drop harmful powder, as well as flowers that spit projectiles at you. To get rid of the flowers, run toward them and jump over the projectile, then quickly hit them when you are close enough, hopefully avoiding getting hit by any more projectiles. As for the butterflies, don't bother trying to kill them. Just get out from under them and keep going to the right, killing flowers as you go, to try to avoid the butterflies entirely.

After you have gone far enough to the right, the dragon Ladon attacks. Ladon moves slowly up and down while flying toward you. The trick to defeating him easily is to go under Ladon and stand in a spot where Ladon can't hit you because he keeps flying over you. When this happens, you can move slightly toward him to be able to hit him with your sword when he comes close.

After you kill Ladon, he drops the Golden Apple. Take it and all your health will be refilled, and damage done by enemies is reduced by half.