You can give Gulliver unwanted furniture and clothing, and he will give you snacks and other rewards.

Trades with Gulliver

On Sunburst Island, you can talk to Gulliver to give him furniture and clothing. After you have given him enough items, he will set sail. When he returns, he will give you snacks, which can increase friendship with animals. If you gave him high-quality items, he might bring back a new camper.

Exchange Rate

Each item that you give Gulliver is worth points. The points are as follows:

Type of ItemGulliver Points
5-star fortune cookie furniture 40 points
5-star fortune cookie clothing
4-star fortune cookie furniture 30 points
4-star fortune cookie clothing
3-star fortune cookie furniture 20 points (except for certain items listed below)
3-star fortune cookie clothing
3-star furniture 10 points
3-star clothing
  • Mrs. Flamingo
  • Go Board
  • Clothesline Pole
  • Bathroom Stall
  • Coin Locker
  • Simple Panel
  • Boston Bag (red)
  • Metal-rim Table (black)
  • Wood Display Stand (w.)
  • Trunk
  • Western Shirt
  • Armor Suit
  • Bicycle Helmet
  • Mandarin Hat
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Pink Star Shades
2-star furniture 5 or 3 points
2-star clothing 3 or 2 points
1-star "Good" furniture 2 points
1-star "Good" clothing 1 point
Everything else 0 points

How to Get New Campers from Gulliver

There is a 30% chance that Gulliver will bring back a new camper each trip. Try crafting a lot of 0-star items so you can quickly give Gulliver enough items to make him set sail over and over again.

How to Get Snacks from Gulliver

Gulliver brings back a snack for every 15 points worth of items that you give him before he sets sail, so give him higher-quality items to earn enough points.

Sailing Directions and Snack Themes

You can increase the chance of Gulliver bringing back a specific snack by giving him furniture and clothing with the theme that matches the snack. Also, sending him North gives a better chance of receiving Natural and Hip snacks, sending him South gives a better chance of receiving Elegant and Cool snacks, sending him East gives a better chance of receiving Harmonious and Cute items, and sending him West gives a better chance of receiving Sporty and Rustic items.