You can plant flower seeds to grow flowers, which you can use to create hybrid flowers or trade with Lloid.

Entering the Garden

You have to be a Camp Manager Level 3 to enter the Garden. It's to the left of your camp site.

Purchasing Seeds and Trading with Lloid

You can buy seeds and flower food from Lloid. You can also trade flowers with Lloid to get furniture made from flowers.

Cross-Pollinating Flowers

After you harvest flowers, you can add them to growing flowers of the same type (e.g. add tulips to tulips) for a chance to get rare flower seeds of unusual colors. The flowers of rare colors can be traded with Lloid for rare items.

Watering and Wilting

You must keep your flowers watered to make them keep growing. People on your friends list can water your flowers. If your flowers wilt, they will not die; they just stop growing until they are watered again.