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Stasis Trial

The Owa Daim shrine contains the Stasis Trial, where you get a new rune for your Sheikah Slate.

Reach the Shrine

The Owa Daim shrine is in the southern part of the Great Plateau area. There are ledges on the southernmost side of the cliff wall that you can climb to reach the shrine.

Get the Stasis Rune

When you are in the shrine, check on the Guidance Stone to get the Stasis Rune added to your Sheikah Slate.

How to Use the Stasis Rune

When you have selected the Stasis Rune on your slate, press L to start it. Then aim the reticle at anything that is glowing bright yellow. Press A to use stasis on that object. The object will temporarily be frozen in time. While its time is stopped, you can hit the object to store energy in it. Hit it more than once, or hit it with heavier weapons, to store more energy. Then when the stasis effect wears off, the object will be pushed with the force that was applied to it while frozen.

Reach Owa Daim

Use Stasis on the rotating gear to make it stop when the platform is flat. Walk across it.

Then go up the ramp and use Stasis to stop the rolling boulder to prevent it from hitting you. After you go up the lower of the two ramps that the boulder was rolling on, use Stasis again to be able to go up the second ramp. There is a treasure chest at the top that contains a Traveler's Shield. Then go down the ramp and go to the side to find an Iron Sledgehammer leaning on the wall.

Go along the narrow path toward Owa Daim, then use Stasis on the boulder in the way. While it is frozen, use the sledgehammer on it. If you put enough force into the boulder, it will be knocked out of your way when the Stasis effect wears off. If it did not work, use Stasis again and hit it more than once.

Then when the boulder is out of the way, go talk to Owa Daim to get the Shrine Orb.

Get the Traveler's Bow

Outside of the shrine, use Stasis on the boulder and hit it repeatedly. When Stasis wears off, the boulder will move, and you can open the treasure chest that was under it to get a Traveler's Bow.

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