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Bitizens are the people who live in your tower and work in the businesses of the tower.


Before you can move bitizens in, you first have to build a residential floor. Every apartment floor in your tower can hold up to five bitizens. Read the Building the Tower page to learn how to build a residential floor.

Elevator Guests Can Become Bitizens

If an elevator guest wants to go to a floor where there is an apartment that isn't full, that guest will automatically move into the apartment.

Real Estate VIPs Can Move New Bitizens In

If a real estate VIP appears in the elevator, send him to a floor that has an apartment that isn't full. When you do that, the apartment will instantly become full, with five bitizens.

Spend Tower Bux to Move New Bitizens In

Tap on an apartment that isn't full and you will see For Rent buttons. Tap one to spend a Tower Bux to automatically move a new bitizen in.

Check your Bitizen's Stats

To check a bitizen's skills and dream job, you can tap the floor where that bitizen works or lives, then tap that bitizen. Or, you can tap the menu button in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then tap the Bitizens button in the top left to see a list of all of your bitizens. You can tap on a specific bitizen here to see that bitizen's statistics.

Your Bitizen's Dream Job

Every bitizen has a dream job. This is the job that the bitizen would be happiest in. A business with a dream job employee gets a bonus to the number of items that can be stocked.

Change your Bitizen's Outfit

You can change a bitizen's outfit by following the instructions in the previous paragraph, then tap Dress Up in the bottom-left corner. You can tap the left or right buttons to scroll through the pre-made outfits in the game, or you can tap Costumes to spend Tower Bux to dress your bitizen up in a costume.

Hire your Bitizen for a Job

There are two ways to hire your bitizen for a job. One way is to tap on a business floor that has fewer than three employees, then tap one of the Hire buttons at the top. Then you can choose a bitizen to hire for that job. The other way is to view the bitizen's stats (explained above), then tap the Job button at the bottom-middle, then choose from the list of available jobs that appears on the screen.

However, you can't change a bitizen's job if he or she is working for a business that is currently restocking.

Evict your Bitizen

You can evict a bitizen by viewing the bitizen's stats (explained above), then tap the Evict button in the bottom-right corner. This will permanently kick that bitizen out of your tower, so be careful!

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