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How to Upgrade Tools

After Spring 15, you can talk to Ludus in Lulukoko Village to upgrade your house. After that, Ludus can improve your tools.

Unlocking Tool Upgrades

You need to upgrade your house before Ludus can upgrade your tools. The day after you upgrade your house, there will be an event where Ludus explains about upgrading your tools. After that, just bring Ludus the required materials and money, and he can upgrade your tools.

Upgrade Types

There are five types of upgrades you can make to your tools:

  • Reduce weight: You will lose less stamina when using the tool
  • Improve effectiveness: It takes less time for the tool to finish its task (fewer swings of the hoe to till a field, fewer swings of the axe to chop down a tree, etc.). Also, hammer can be used on more mining nodes and has better probability of getting rare ore.
  • Increase capacity: Watering can will hold more water
  • Increase range of effects: Tool affects more squares at once
  • Change color: Tools can be red, blue, green, yellow, purple, or (after doing five tool upgrades) gold. You can also return the tool to its original color.

Improved Effectiveness

The following list explains in more detail how "improved effectiveness" affects each tool.

  • Hoe: Requires fewer swings to finish tilling a field
  • Scythe: Fewer swings are necessary for removing dead crops
  • Axe: Fewer swings are necessary to cut down trees and turn branches into lumber
  • Hammer: More mining nodes can be hit, and rare ore probability increases. Fewer swings are necessary to break boulders and turn large rocks into stone.
  • Watering Can, Milker, Clippers, Brush: Finishes more quickly
  • Fishing rod: Can catch a wider variety of fish

Upgrade Requirements

The cost and the amount of materials required for each type of upgrade is the same. See the tables below for details.

Reduce Weight

LevelCostRequired Materials
210005 Black Rock, 2 Iron
320005 Glittering Stone, 2 Silver
4300010 Crystal, 5 Fluorite
Max500010 Diamond, 1 Mithril

Improve Effectiveness

LevelCostRequired Materials
215005 Iron, 5 Copper
330005 Ruby, 5 Amethyst
455005 Fluorite, 5 Adamantite
Max70005 Platinum, 2 Orichalcum

Increase Capacity

LevelCostRequired Materials
220005 Glass Stone, 5 Crystal
340005 Topaz, 5 Moonstone
470005 Jade, 5 White Pearl
Max1000010 Blue Pearl, 1 Philosopher's Stone

Increase Range

LevelAdditional RequirementsCostRequired Materials
1x115005 Coin
1x225005 Black Rock, 5 Jade
1x3You can only upgrade to 1x3 if you have upgraded a tool to 1x2.40005 Agate, 5 Sandrose
3x1You can only upgrade to 3x1 if you have upgraded a tool to 1x2.30005 Glittering Stone, 5 Copper, 5 Silver
3x2You can only upgrade to 3x2 if you have upgraded a tool to 1x3 or 3x150005 Emerald, 5 Peridot, 5 Yellow Pearl
3x3You can only upgrade to 3x3 if you have upgraded a tool to 1x3 or 3x1, and you have reduced tool weights three times70005 Gold, 2 Orichalcum, 2 Platinum
5x5You can only upgrade to 5x5 if you have upgraded a tool to 1x3 or 3x1, and you have reduced tool weights five times, and you have improved tool effectiveness five times150005 Pink Diamond, 3 Gold Pearl, 1 Philosopher's Stone

Change Tool Color

ColorAdditional RequirementsCostRequired Materials
Red5003 Maple Branches
Blue5003 Blue Magic Flowers
Green5003 Mint
Yellow5003 Moondrop Flowers
Purple5003 Blueberries
GoldYou can only turn a tool gold after you have done at least five tool upgrades5001 Gold
The tool's original color5003 Pebbles
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