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Jobs in Pocket Planes

In Pocket Planes, a plane in an airport can choose passengers and cargo to take to other airports. For each passenger and cargo you deliver, you get paid coins. However, it costs coins to fly the plane. This page explains various strategies for making your Pocket Planes jobs profitable.

How to Take Jobs

To send an an airplane on a job, first tap the Plane List button in the bottom right. Then choose an airplane that is Idle or Landed. Next, tap the Jobs button in the bottom left. Tap on passengers and cargo until your plane is full. Then tap the Fly button in the bottom middle to go to the map. The names of the cities that your passengers and cargo are going to will be flashing. Tap on the cities that you want your plane to stop at, then tap the green Fly button in the bottom middle. If you need to adjust your route, press the red Undo button in the bottom left to remove the last waypoint that you set.

Cargo and Passengers

When looking at a plane in an airport, you can see a list of passengers and cargo waiting at that airport by tapping the Jobs button in the bottom left. Next to each passenger and cargo, you will see the number of coins that you will be paid if you deliver each thing to the desired destination. Sometimes there are special passengers or cargo that pay Bux rather than coins.

Bonus for Full Plane, Single Destination

If you fill all of your plane's available passenger and cargo slots, and if the destination for all of those items is the same, then you will get a bonus to the payment that you will receive for delivering your passengers and cargo. If there are more valuable passengers and cargo but they are going to different destinations, you can sometimes get a better profit from less valuable passengers and cargo if they are all going to the same place.

Make Each Route as Short as Possible

It costs coins to fly a plane in Pocket Planes. The farther your plane flies, the more coins it costs. To get the best profit from a job, you need to make sure that you travel the minimum possible distance to get to all of your destinations.

Stop at Bigger Airports

Airports in cities with a bigger population will have more passengers and cargo waiting to go places. Because of that, if your plane lands in a bigger city, you are more likely to find profitable jobs waiting for you there. Sometimes it is better to go a little out of your way in order to end up in a big city, because it can be more profitable in the long run.

You Don't Have to Fill the Plane

In smaller airports, there might not be enough jobs to fill your airplanes. You could wait around for new jobs to be added, but sometimes it is better to fly a smaller number of cargo and passengers so you can profit sooner. Time is money!

Board Your Plane and Wait

If there aren't enough jobs to fill your plane, you can still put cargo and passengers on your plane. If you do that, then the next time the jobs list refreshes, you won't lose those passengers and cargo. This way, you can gather up a more profitable set of passengers and cargo. However, keep in mind that your plane can't make money if it's not flying, so it might be more profitable in the long run to fly the plane rather than wait for more profitable passengers and cargo.

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