Metroid Fusion Walkthrough

Welcome to Thonky's Metroid Fusion Walkthrough. Metroid Fusion was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 and features Samus Aran in a new Fusion Suit after nearly being killed by an infection of a parasitic virion called X.

As a result of the infection, she lost consciousness and was ejected from her ship just before it crashed into a nearby asteroid belt. The X infected her Power Suit, which was so integrated with her system that she could only remove it while conscious, so the infected parts of the suit had to be removed surgically to save her life.

A cure was discovered in the form of a vaccine that used a sample from the Metroid hatchling that Samus rescued in Super Metroid.

The vaccine dramatically alters the remaining parts of her suit, and, because it is a fusion of a Metroid hatchling and her old suit, she names it the Fusion Suit.

With her abilities severely limited, Samus must explore the B.S.L station to investigate a mysterious explosion while restoring the abilities of her Fusion Suit.



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