Zero Escape Timeline

The following is a rough timeline of events that took place in the Zero Escape series. The positions of some of the events in the timeline are approximate.

Timeline of Zero Escape Events

April 1904 - Infant Phi and Delta materialize in the export pods of the transporter in a German research facility.

??? - A researcher uses the transporter to send Phi to 2008.

April 14-15, 1912 - The Titanic sinks. Dashiell Gordain survives.

??? - Obsessed with the Titanic disaster, Gordain buys the sister ship Gigantic. He acquires the frozen mummy ALL-ICE on the black market.

??? - Gordain runs Nonary Games on the Gigantic, entertaining his millionaire friends by forcing Englishmen with massive debt to play the Nonary Game or die in the incinerator.

??? - Gordain dies of old age.

1920 - When Delta is 16, his adoptive brother Left is found dead, his body covered in bruises. The killer gives a huge bribe to the police to keep it quiet.

1930 - At age 26, Delta receives a divine revalation and starts a cult called Free the Soul of Y, which he later renames Free the Soul. He starts researching cloning.

1945 or later - The transporter is moved to a research facility in the USA, where Phi and other researchers continue studying it.

??? - Hongou is forced to take part in the Nonary Game. He survives and tells Gordain's successor and Gordain's rich associates that he is going to run his own Nonary Game.

??? - Alice's mother, a Frenchwoman, and her father, an Egyptian, marry in Egypt.

??? - Alice and her mother and father move to the US.

??? - Free the Soul kidnaps Alice's father on her ninth birthday.

??? - A year after Alice's father is kidnapped, the first ten Free the Soul clones are born. This is the first generation of the Myrmidons. They are all clones of Left.

2006 - Akane Kurashiki, and Junpei Tenmyouji, are born.

2007 - Sigma Klim, and Carlos's sister Maria, are born.

2008 - Phi materializes in the export pod of the transporter, which is now in a US research facility. She is raised by an old couple who were researchers. One of the researchers was the Phi who was sent to 1904.

2011 - Mira kills her first victim, Eric's mother. The surgeon who could have saved Sean's life is killed in a taxi accident, and Sean soon passes away. Akane's father, who had planned to use that taxi to escape, is instead caught, falsely convicted and executed, and Akane's mother commits suicide. Akane and Aoi are told that their parents died in an accident, and they are sent to foster care.

2018 - Hongou, under the direction of Free the Soul, who controls Cradle Pharmaceutical, kidnaps kids who are espers and makes them play the Nonary Game. In some timelines, Akane dies in the incinerator, but thanks to Junpei in the future, Akane survives in at least one timeline.

2019 - Maria falls ill with Reverie Syndrome.

??? - Hongou discovers the mandrake root in ALL-ICE's coffin, then becomes a millionaire when Cradle Pharmaceutical releases Soporil.

??? - Akane and Aoi become millionaires with their stock in Cradle Pharmaceutical as a result of Soporil's success, which Akane foresaw because of Junpei. She and her brother form a secret organization whose purpose is to prepare for the Nonary Game in 2027 that will fulfill the future that Akane foresaw. This will ensure that she exists in a stable, paradox-free timeline where she survived the incinerator thanks to Junpei's help.

??? - Alice becomes an employee of SOIS.

March 15, 2026 - Virginia Bailey's body is found in a park in Roseville, California, a victim of the Heart Ripper (Mira).

May 22, 2026 - Jeffery Foret, age 37, is found dead in Sacramento, another Heart Ripper victim.

July 29, 2026 - Another Heart Ripper victim is found.

November 1, 2027 - At this point, Delta is a very old man but is still very sharp of mind. Alice gets a tip that those responsible for her father's kidnapping may be hiding in the Nevada desert.

Akane and her organization kidnap the people who have to participate in the Nonary Game that Akane foresaw. They play the game and Junpei saves young Akane in the incinerator nine years in the past. Afterward, Akane and Aoi go on the run to avoid the legal consequences of having run the Nonary Game, which resulted in several deaths. Alice joins Clover and the others, but they don't catch Akane and Aoi.

??? - The SOIS learns that the Myrmidons are planning a biological terrorist attack. Clover and Light are invited to become SOIS employees. Seven convinces Clover to do it, and Light joins her.

??? - Several months later, Clover goes on her first mission to infiltrate a Myrmidon cloning lab, but it is a set up. Alice goes to rescue her and finds her father's body there beside Clover who is tied to a chair. Alice's father was beaten to death. She later learns that her father carved the latitude and longitude of the Myrmidons headquarters into his arm.

December 22, 2028 - Alice and Clover are in Los Angeles, planning to attack the Myrmidon headquarters on the 25th, but Akane kidnaps them for the next Nonary Game. Akane takes them to her organization's headquarters and places them in cold sleep.

December 25, 2028 - Sigma is knocked out by Soporil in his car. His consciousness is then pushed to January 25, 2074, and his 67-year-old consciousness occupies his body in the present time. Phi's consciousness also switches places with her future consciousness.

December 25-31, 2028 - Carlos, Akane, Junpei, Mira, Eric, Diana, Sigma, Phi, Delta, and Gab are confined to the Dwelling for Experimental Cohabitation of Mars (Dcom) facility in the desert of Nevada.

December 31, 2028, 12:06 - The Dcom participants correctly guess the result of Zero's coin toss and are released without having to play the Decision Game. Their consciousnesses are then SHIFTed to the timeline where they were forced to play the Decision Game, moments before the underground bomb shelter self-destructs. The Decision Game participants take their place. Delta claims that a religious fanatic will cause a nuclear attack that will result in human extinction, but the Decision Game participants now have the knowledge, experience, and SHIFT skills to prevent it. Delta gives Carlos a handgun and tells him to decide whether or not to shoot Delta.

November 16, 2029 (alternate timeline) - Sigma and Diana's fraternal twins, Phi and Delta, are born. Sigma and Diana use the transporter to send copies of the newborns to the past, before Zero obtains the transporter.

Virtue's Last Reward Timeline

December 31, 2028 - D-Team attempts to escape using a bomb found in the underground shelter, but Zero puts the unconscious Q-team into the blast radius of the bomb. Sigma fails to disarm the bomb in time, and loses his arms and eye. Mira is mortally wounded in the blast, but uses a stolen Radical-6 syringe on Phi before succumbing to her wounds. Phi begs Sigma and Diana to kill and burn her to prevent the spread of Radical-6, but Diana uses a stun gun on Phi, unwilling to let her die. Diana then goes up to the surface with Sigma and Phi.

Later, Akane and Junpei materialize from the export pods in the transporter room. From outside, Carlos breaks through the cave-in and rescues Akane and Junpei. Akane injects Junpei with the memory loss drug and walks away, vowing to create the future AB game to prevent the Radical-6 pandemic.

The Radical-6 pandemic occurs, causing delusions and suicidal thoughts. Many people commit suicide as a result, and there is widespread panic.

April 11, 2029 - Phi goes to the Crash Keys headquarters and asks to be put into cold sleep.

April 12, 2029 - Akane attends a Free the Soul ceremony.

April 13, 2029 - Young Sigma's consciousness returns to his younger body, and his older consciousness goes back to the B. Garden in 2074, where Akane just hit him with a knife. Young Sigma finds himself in Akane's headquarters, where Akane is wearing a gas mask and a Free the Soul robe. The treatment pods containing Alice, Clover, and Phi are there. Akane tells Sigma that tomorrow he and the treatment pods will go to the moon in a shuttle, and he will spend the next 45 years researching cloning and AI programming. The annihilation reactors explode now that there is no one left alive to maintain them.

April 14, 2029 - The shuttle arrives on the moon with Sigma, Alice, Clover, and Phi on board. They all go to Rhizome 9.

May 2029 - Diana goes to the moon to be with Sigma.

2032 - Diana succumbs to the circulatory illness she developed as a result of the weak gravity of the moon.

Some time around the 2050s - Kyle, a clone of Sigma, is born in Rhizome-9.

2057 - Luna is created.

Some time around the 2070s - Akane arrives in Rhizome-9 and becomes a mother figure to Kyle.

Approximately January 23, 2074 - Tenmyouji, still living on Earth, is told that he can meet Akane. He and Quark board a shuttle to the moon, but the shuttle is on autopilot and the two of them are knocked out with Soporil.

January 25, 2074 - Older Sigma's consciousness and Phi's post-Dcom consciousness switch places with the ones from 2028. The Nonary Game begins.

January 27, 2074 - Akane has been wearing K's armor. K is revealed to be Kyle, a clone of Sigma, who has been kept in cold sleep since the beginning of the Nonary Game in this timeline. Sigma learns that his current body is 67 years old but his consciousness is that of his 22 year old self from before the Dcom experiment. Akane attacks Phi with a Myrmidon knife, making Phi and Sigma's consciousness jump to December 25, 2028.