Darunia Town

To get to Darunia Town, go north from Nabooru Town and into the cave. There are some red Aches that turn into demons when they get close to the ground, and in the back of the cave there is a Zora that you can only harm if you cast the Fire spell. It spits energy at you from its mouth and can crawl or stand up. After you kill it with fire, you can exit the cave.

Go northwest to reach Darunia Town. Go to the second section of town and cast Jump. Get onto the roof of a house and then jump over to the house that has a chimney. Jump on top of the chimney and press down to go down the chimney.

In this house you will find a soldier who will teach you the upward thrust. Just press Up while jumping and you will do an upward thrust. Now you can exit the town, although you will return pretty soon. There is something that you need to do before you can head on to the Maze Palace.

Head east from town and go through the vast forest. You will eventually reach a beach. The southernmost segment of beach has a 1-Up inside, but it disappears forever if you take it, so leave it alone unless you really need it.

The beach has a bridge, so walk across. There aren't any action screens along this bridge. You will arrive on Maze Island. From the bridge, go east until you hit the wall, then south until you hit the wall, then east until you hit the wall, and finally, follow the path north until you fall into a pit. There is an orange Lizalfos here. Kill it and pick up the child. This is not a 1-Up doll! It's a child who was kidnapped from Darunia Town.

Before you go back to Darunia, there is a magic container on Maze Island that you should get before you go. Some players have trouble learning the spell in Darunia Town if they don't get the magic container first, so you should do this to be on the safe side.

However, there are a bunch of hidden action screens on Maze Island, so you should take the following path. Go south from where you saved the child until you hit the wall. Then go west, and take the first path north. Follow the path and go north when the path splits. Ignore the first bridge and go across the second one. After going across it, go south and then follow the path to reach an action screen with a Magic Container.

Now that you have rescued the child and picked up the magic container from the Maze Island, make the journey back to Darunia Town. From the place where you got the Magic Container, go south until you hit the wall, then east until you bump into the river, north until you hit the wall, east across the bridge, then go south and west ignoring the bridge on the left. Once you pass the bridge, keep going south, and then follow the path until you reach the long east-west path at the bottom of the maze. Go west and follow the path to the long bridge on the west side of the island. Cross this bridge and then walk west through the forest until you reach Darunia Town.

Go to the third section of town and talk to the old woman in the purple dress. She will let you into the house where you can talk to the old man and learn the Reflect spell. This spell makes your shield temporarily more powerful and able to block things like fire and certain magical energy types. If he doesn't teach you the spell, go back and follow the instructions for getting the magic container from the Maze and try again.

Now that you know the Reflect Spell, you can go to the Maze Palace.