Chapter 1: Introduction

You awaken in a motel room after 50 days in stasis (according to the voice.)

The voice will prompt you to look up at the ceiling when you hear the buzzer, so do that. Then look at the floor when you hear the next buzzer.

Next, the voice will tell you to walk over to the framed painting on the wall. It's on the other side of the bed, so go walk over to it. Stare at it while the timer ticks down.

After a little classical music, the voice will tell you to go get in bed. Turn and face the bed, then press the button that the screen says to press in order to go back to sleep.

When you wake up, the voice will say that you've been asleep for a really long time. You'll also hear a frantic voice asking you to open the door, so go over to the door and it will automatically open.

A round robot guy will come in and do a lot of talking. His name is Wheatley. Eventually he'll ask you to say something. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Now just watch for a while until the room stops moving. Walk down through the broken wall and walk onto the glass. You'll be in a room that should look familiar if you played Portal.