How to Trade From Pokémon X to Pokémon Y


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This page explains how to trade from Pokémon X to Pokémon Y.

What You Need

Each player needs a system from the Nintendo 3DS family such as 3DS, 2DS, and New Nintendo 3DS. Additionally, if you want to trade with a player who is far away, your Nintendo 3DS needs to be set up to connect to the Internet.

Please make sure that your cartridges are genuine Nintendo products! Counterfeit games might not be able to trade. For more information, including contact information for reporting bootlegs, visit Nintendo's anti-piracy web page.

In-Game Requirements

Before you can trade from Pokémon X to Pokémon Y, you need to have at least two pokémon in your party.

How to Trade

If you want to trade with a player who is far away, make sure both players are connected to the Internet. If you want to trade with a player who is nearby, make sure that both players have wireless turned on.

In the Player Search System screen, one player should tap the other player in the touch screen, then tap Trade. The other player should tap Yes when asked to trade. If you are trading with a Friend, you can choose whether or not to use Game Chat during the trade. After you make your choice, say Yes to save the game.

Select the pokémon to trade, then choose Show. You will see the pokémon that the other player wants to trade. Choose Offer, then choose Trade to start the trade.