Name Rater Locations

Where to find the Name Rater in all of the Pokémon games that have been released so far. The name rater can only change the nickname of pokémon that you caught or hatched yourself. The name rater cannot change the nickname of a pokémon you received in trade.

Name Rater List

Game RegionCity/TownName Rater Location
KantoLavender TownSouthern part of town
JohtoGoldenrod CityNorth of train station
HoennSlateport CityNorthwest part of town
OrreAgate VillageIn Day Care
SinnohEterna City1F Eterna Condominiums
UnovaCastelia CityIn Black and White: northern section of the city. In Black2 and White2: across from the Gym in the west part of town
KalosCamphrier TownIn Pokémon Center
AlolaHeahea CityIn the Tourist Bureau