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This page explains what Pokéstops are and how to find and use them.

What They Are

A Pokéstop is a location in the real world that you can visit while playing Pokémon GO. Pokéstops contain items such as Pokéballs and eggs.

How to Find Them

When playing Pokémon GO, look at the map for blue floating cubes (be sure to find a safe place to stand still while looking for these cubes). These are Pokéstops.

When you see a Pokéstop on the map, be sure to tap it. You will see a photo from that location, and the name of the location. This will help you find it in the real world.

How to Use Them

Go to the location on the map where you saw the Pokéstop. For safety, try to memorize where you saw it, then put your device away while going to the Pokéstop.

When you are close enough to the Pokéstop, it will turn into a Pokéball symbol on the map. Tap it, and you can swipe side to side to make items appear. You can tap the items to collect them, or you can just press the X to collect all the items at once.

After you use a Pokéstop, it will turn purple. You will have to wait until it turns blue again before you can collect more items from it.

Lure Modules

You can also add a Lure Module to a pokéstop, if you have any. You and other players will be more likely to encounter pokémon near a Pokéstop where a Lure Module is in effect. The Lure Module effect lasts for 30 minutes. A Pokéstop with a Lure Module will have heart-shaped petals coming out of it.

Items Available from Pokéstops

You can always get Pokéballs and eggs from Pokéstops. Other items will become available from Pokéstops as you level up. The following table shows the required levels for finding more items at Pokéstops.

ItemRequired Level
PotionLevel 5
ReviveLevel 5
Razz BerryLevel 8
Super PotionLevel 10
Great BallLevel 12
Hyper PotionLevel 15
Ultra BallLevel 20
Max PotionLevel 25
Max ReviveLevel 30

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