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Airports: An Overview

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Airports are the source of jobs for your airplanes. You can buy new airports and upgrade your existing airports using coins.

Buying Airports

The cost of buying an airport depends on the population of the city that the airport is in. When you look at the map, you will see the population listed under the city name.

Buy airports that are close to the ones that you already own. Sending your planes on farther trips costs more money, so it's best to have airports that are close to each other to ensure that you can make a good profit from your jobs.

Upgrading Airports

Tap the Map button in the bottom right, then tap an airport that you own. Then, tap the Control Tower button in the bottom left. You will see information about the airport. At the bottom middle, there is an Upgrade Airport button. You can spend the displayed number of coins to upgrade the airport. Upgrading an airport adds more jobs and layovers. Because of this, upgraded airports are more profitable.

Airport Classes

Airports can be class 1, class 2, or class 3. Class 1 airports are displayed as a black dot on the map. Class 2 airports are displayed as blue dots on the map. Class 3 airports are displayed as red dots on the map.

An airport's class depends on the population of the city that the airport is in. Cities with a population of 3.9M or lower have class 1 airports. Cities with 4M to 7.9M have class 2 airports. Cities with a population of 8M or more have class 3 airports.

Some of the larger planes are unable to land in smaller airports, so be sure to buy larger airports as you expand your airline.

Airport Closures

Sometimes, airports experience random conditions that cause the airport to close, such as bad weather or computer failures. A closed airport will be shown with a red city name on the map. Planes at a closed airport will not be allowed to leave, and you will not be able to land planes at that airport.

To see when the airport will reopen, tap the green Menu button in the bottom right, then tap the Events button near the top left. Scroll down until you see the name of the closed airport. To the right, it will show the number of minutes until the airport reopens.

Airport Events

Sometimes an event will occur near an airport such as as Shipping Out, Game Convention, and Tourist Boom. During an event, more jobs than usual will go to that airport. You can use this to your advantage to make more money.

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