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Find Mii Shirt Colors and Magic

In Find Mii (StreetPass Quest) and its sequel, the hero's shirt color defines the type of magic that that hero can cast. Certain types of magic are required to defeat certain types of enemies or to get rid of certain barriers, spells, gas, etc.

Shirt ColorMagic Spell
RedAttack enemy with fire (doesn't affect red enemies)
OrangeThe next heroes in line get an extra attack
YellowCreate a sandstorm that lowers both enemy and hero accuracy. It can also dispel gas.
Light greenPuts enemy to sleep
GreenDoubles the next hero's level. You can't stack this spell.
Light blueFreezes the enemy
BlueAttack enemy with water (doesn't affect blue enemies)
PinkMakes the next heroes in line more likely to do critical hits. You can't stack this spell.
PurplePoisons the enemies, which inflicts 1HP damage to the poisoned enemies on each turn. You can't stack this spell.
BrownSummons a wandering hero. This is only useful if you don't want to use the Brown hero to attack. For example, if the brown hero is level 1, summoning a wandering hero gives you a chance at getting a higher-level hero, and you also get a random color.
WhiteLights up a dark room
BlackMakes the room turn dark

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