Moon Rescues, Space reQuests, and Space Coins

Your zoo has a launchpad where you can send animals from your zoo to do space rescues. You can rescue special animals from space using Space Coins that you earn by prepping your zoo's animals for space.

Step 1: Check the List of Space ReQuests

Go to the Space Pen of your zoo and tap the Space reQuests button to see a list of animals that different planets need.

Step 2: Prep the reQuested Animals for Space

Now you need to rescue the type of animal that is needed for space. For example, if there is a Space reQuest for a Zebra, go to the Helipad and choose the Savanna aircraft. Go on a rescue, and keep rescuing animals until you rescue a Zebra. After rescuing it, choose "Prep for Space" to put the Zebra into your Space Pen.

Step 3: Send the Animal to Space to Earn Space Coins

After you rescue a reQuested type of animal, go to the Space Pen, tap the Space reQuests button, then tap Send to send the requested animals to space and receive Space Coins.

Step 4: Go on a Moon Rescue

Go to the launch pad and tap "Go on a Moon Rescue" to start a moon rescue. You can find animals from space there. Check the Animal Shapes page to see the shapes of the animals that you can find on the moon.