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The Beginning

What to do at the beginning of a game of Dink Smallwood.

Start a New Game

Choose New from the main menu to start a new game of Dink Smallwood. Dink's mother will ask Dink to feed the pigs. Walk over to the bag of pig feed to the right of the fireplace. Bring up the inventory and select the pig feed. Then exit the house.

Walk north from the house and go into the pig pen. Press the weapon button to scatter the pig feed. Milder Flatstomp will come along and taunt Dink. Now, go south and go back into your house.

Talk to your mother. You can choose from various dialog options. Choose "Tell her you fed the pigs." She will ask you to talk to the neighbors. Exit the house.

Go to the house in the northeast corner of town and talk to Ethel. Choose "Ask after her pet." She will say that her duck is gone and will ask you to look for it. Choose "Agree wholeheartedly." Go outside.

Go to the house at the bottom middle of town. If Dink says "where could that duck be?" then exit this screen and then return to it. The duck will be there. Talk to it, then choose "yell at it." It will go home.

Go into Ethel's house in the northeast corner again, and she says that your mother was looking for you.

Now go back to your home. Your mother will ask you to get some AlkTree nuts. Go to the north middle section of town. There is no longer a guard at the gate, so you are free to leave town. Exit town.

You will notice some sort of gnome outside of town. He tells you to go to his cabin in the northeast part of the woods.